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gift bags {sunday scrappin’}

well, i finally got to finish up some of my gift bags for my etsy shop. i still have a bunch more to do.  so, hopefully i will be able to accomplish them this week. 

i have an orange bag to do, that would qualify for my sunday scrappin’ challenge, but i am heading to a birthday party for my niece after church, so i don’t know if it will get finished today or not. 

my sunday scrappin’ to-do’s:  more etsy items, cards and a scrapbooking job for someone

my sunday scrappin’ ta-da’s: my bags posted above!

enjoy your day!!!

thanks a hoot {sunday scrappin}

i had to make some thank you cards for a few people and for my son’s birthday….since the cards would be from him, i figured he wouldn’t want something with a bunch of detail.  something simple.  nothing too frilly or girly.  while on vacation, i went to a Michael’s store, (our town used to have one, but it closed! i miss it!), anyways, while at Michael’s, i came across these adorable owl stickers.  and they were clearanced for only 50cents!!!  needless to say, i bought a bunch.  the green glitter cards, i got on clearance at Archivers, (which i went to on vacation…we don’t have a local one), and the green swirl paper is from the Dollar General store.  VERY simple.  the stamped images are from my online favorite,  the scalloped square punches are also available from there also.    

for my sunday scrappin, the scalloped squares are for this week’s challenge, to make something including squares.

my ta da’s: are my thanks a hoot cards

my to do’s:

  • i have a layout for a SIS challenge….my first ever….
  • i have many many many thank you’s to do for those that helped me with the annual church garage sale
  • a gift for a friend with breast cancer, who lives out of town….praying that God will show me something to create that will remind her that there is hope, peace and strength through God alone

so, that’s it.  hope you are enjoying your sunday.  tomorrow is the last day of summer break.  argh.

green goodness {sunday scrappin}

made a trip to our new starbucks today.  not the first time i’ve been there, but the first time on a sunday….happened to be wearing a new green sweater that inspired me to make this layout! 

used my huge starbucks sticker, coffee tag stickers, starbucks cup cardboard cozy, starbucks bag, starbucks bookmark, favorite green ribbons, favorite coffee themed paper and new green vinyl thicker stickers!!!  green goodness!!!!

just love how the green matches the sweater! 
love those new green vinyl thicker stickers.  even included a starbucks receipt tucked into the top.
so, that’s my ta-da so far for Sunday Scrappin…not sure if the ‘folding’ that i did of the gift bag, will count for my S.S. challenge.

my to-do’s: many many cards to catch up on…hopefully later tonight, while the hubby & i watch a movie together.

hope you are enjoying your sunday!

home sweet home

ok.  so, what does a girl do when she’s bored?

first, she relaxes on the swing, enjoys a good book and the cool weather.

then, she cuts an inch or two off of the length of her hair. (love it)

finally, she scrapbooks.  (Sunday Scrappin)

this is a layout that i have been wanting to do for some time…. it’s called “home sweet home”.  before my grandmother passed away, she gave me a doorplate for our front door.  it says “Welcome to our House  As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15”  it was just a little gift, but i have loved it from the beginning.  we built our home almost 12 years ago and it has been on our front door since we moved in.  if we ever move, i plan on somehow, removing it and taking it with me.

So, my Sunday Scrappin info:

  • my to-do’s: as always, cards and layouts that i am sooo behind on. 
  • my ta-da’s: this layout

a little bit of this & that

went to a birthday party for my sister this evening….had a great time.  while we enjoyed the beautiful sunset, i messed around with some silly self-portraits.  (sadly, i never even knew that my phone camera took black & white photos.  my 14 year old had to show me.)  i practically look cross-eyed in the second one.
i also had a few quick minutes to scrap today.  made a bday card to for my sister.  i used my new stamps from papertrey ink…..   

so this is all i have to offer for my Sunday Scrappin

  • my ta-da’s (the hooty bday card)
  • my to-do’s (3 cards and a few family layouts)
  • last week’s challenge: use something fruity….haven’t tried that yet

happy mother’s day

my son wrote a poem for me, for mother’s day.   

i loved it so much, i thought i would share it!



Eating Macaroni and Cheese,

Watching TV,

All the hugs and kisses,

Reading Books,



Taking care of me,

Playing board games,


Traveling to different cities,


Teaching me things,

Taking me to church,

Holiday celebrations,

Loving Me.


Thank you for the great memories!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Nick

had a chance to scrap some more. 

i made 2 more altered tins….as mother’s day gifts. 

they are so fun to make!

any color/theme that you want! 

it looks great!!!

bought this paper pack yesterday at Target.  

llooooove it!!!

added some gift cards for a little bonus!
Sunday Scrappin’ Sunday Scrappin

  • To-do’s: scrap, scrap, scrap…cards, layouts etc
  • Ta-da’s: my altered tins
  • Bonus Question:  Did I make anything special for Mother’s Day?  yes, the tins

more cards {sunday scrappin’}

Sunday Scrappin’






ok. well, wordpress had an update and now i am as confused as ever trying to write this post. as usual, as soon as you get used to something, they go and change it. ughhhh. i am so frustrated!!!! argh!!!!!  (***I was able to post them over at my gallery on twopeasinabucket… you can at least view them there!!!***)


on to sunday scrappin’

my to-do’s:

  • assortment of cards for different people
  • continue to work on my journal album. specifically, ‘a day in the life of {just me}’

my ta-da’s:

  • ‘happy family’ card (hoping to get the picture uploaded if i can figure out what’s going wrong)
  • ‘a little birdie’ card (well, here’s one picture of the card…..still having problems)

bonus question:

  • what inspires me to sit down and craft? free time. an image or idea in my mind that i want to see on paper. an inspirational blog or magazine. new products.

java queen {journal part 3: sunday scrappin}

Sunday Scrappin’ 
ta-da’s: this journal has been my current project.  my blog, this past week contains many ta-da’s that are all a part of’s: continue to work on my journal, also some thank you cards and cards of encouragement.

Sunday Scrappin’ Question: How long could I scrap without purchasing new products?  Without WANTING to purchase?  never…always something new…  How long COULD i go, using what i already own? a looooong time. 

got to use some of my new stamps & stickers for both of these layouts.
this is one of my favorite stamp sayings.  the drops & coffee rings on this paper, i actually made with real coffee.
love this vintage-looking girl!!  {java queen}  just got this set of stamps this week.  it came with a bunch of coffee & tea pictures and sayings.
for more dynamics and emphasis on her, i stamped her again on another sheet of paper and used adhesive foam squares to raise the image a little.
again, i love doing pages for my journal!  this size is alot of fun.  you can be as creative as you want, yet, it’s not a huge 12 x 12 sheet, so it’s alot faster.   try it!