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snowy embellies

I am having so much fun working on my December Daily 2009!!! 

This year, I am going with a vintage snow theme…..I am making some embellishments for it. 

Here are some tips! 

  • Using my Cricut Expression, Accent Essentials cartridge, I cut out a bunch of different sizes of snowflakes and a few frames. 
  • Sometimes, especially on the tiny shapes, the little pieces don’t all come out, so I like to use my needle to push out the little pieces. 

Now, I am usually NOT a glitter person.  I don’t like the mess.  But I am looooooving this Martha Stewart Coarse Crystals!!!  I think that it looks snowy.  I also like the Coarse Crystals because I think it adds a vintage feel to the embellishments. 

  • Once the shapes have been cut out and extra pieces removed, using a glue with a nice tip, I simply trace the areas that I want to apply the crystals. 
  • It’s convenient using this little tray to catch all of the extra glitter, then it can be funnelled back into the bottle. 
  • I also discovered, that when you are holding your paper shape in your left hand, the Martha Stewart bottles are FANTASTIC because they have a FLIP-TOP LID!  Hello, you can do that with ONE hand!!!!  I love that! 
So, those are just a few things that I have learned while working on my December Daily…SO much FUN!!!!! 

button wreaths

easy peasy little button wreaths…here’s how!! 

you will need:

  • 2 scalloped circle punches in different sizes
  • small circle punch for the center, or i just used a knife/scissors
  • glitter-mist
  • buttons & thread/floss & needle
  • adhesives (glue/double-sided tape)
  • ribbon
  • hole punch/scissors

all i did:

  1. collected a few Christmas-themed papers/cardstock.  using your punches, cut 2 scalloped circles.
  2. cut a circle in the center.
  3. spray as much or as little glitter-mist on them…allowing them to dry for a few seconds, depending on how much you use.
  4. thread your buttons however you like.  i like my knots to be on top.  it makes it less ‘bumpy’ when gluing them on.
  5. adhere your two wreaths together.  (i used double-sided tape)
  6. glue on your buttons.
  7. punch a small hole for your ribbon.
  8. i strung both ends of the ribbon through to the front of the wreath, so that a little bow could be tied.  you can make your ribbon as long as you want.  i wanted enough ribbon so that it could either be hung on the tree or more-than-likely, used as a gift tag.  (i did put a tiny dot of glue around the front of the hole, to help hold my bow in the position i wanted) 

that’s it!! 

it’s really easy.  you can make them as detailed as you want.  try different papers, buttons, ribbons, the combinations are endless! 


Holiday Planner 2009

time for holiday planning! 

last year, i posted a tutorial for making a simple holiday planner

in years past, i have always preferred altering a notebook. 

this year, i chose to start from scratch.  simply using supplies that i already have on hand. 

for this year’s planner, i used:

  • chipboard mats for my front & back covers and as a divider between Thanksgiving & Christmas
  • bind-it-all, using the red binding
  • bind-it-all corner punch for rounding the corners (love this punch! it can cut through chipboard)
  • cricut expression, using the “beyond birthdays” cartridge
  • “marshmallow mist”
  • ribbon
  • self-adhesive metal closures
  • adhesives (glue, double-sided tape, sticker maker)
  • scrapbook paper (i used scraps of Christmas paper from last year’s projects)
  • Christmas cards that i cut apart
  • notebook paper (i actually cut pages from my past planners that were blank & resized them)
  • stickers (file tabs)
  • Sharpie poster paint pen (white) (love this pen)
  • Sharpie pen (red)
  • envelopes (old white ones i had on hand and craft paper ones for scrapbooking)
  • flower embellishments that i made using paper, flower punch, brads, and misting spray
  • Christmas themed diecuts

in other years, i have added lots of ribbon and dimensional embellishments, but because i like to keep this in my purse, i have learned that the more simple it is, the better it will “survive” the holidays. 

using 1 sheet of red textured cardstock, i sat down with my new cricut cartridge, “beyond birthdays”, and simply cut out as many items that i thought i could use.  i used most of them. 

then, (because i love the marshmallow mist), i simply sprayed them slightly, just to add a little shimmer. 

after that, using my bind-it-all, i punched all of the papers that i had gathered.  (chipboard covers, notebook papers, cards, envelopes etc.) i rounded the 2 corners of the covers.  then bound it all together. 
in my stash, i found these self-adhesive metal closures.  i removed the original black thread, and simply wound red ribbon around them instead. 
then i simply decorated it. 

my planner is divided up into the following sections:

  • Thanksgiving meal planning
  • Christmas cards (this is a new addition to my holiday planner.  not sure how i will list all of the names, i may print out the list and adhere it to the planner.)
  • Christmas Get-togethers (pages for each party/menu/shopping lists etc)
  • Make or Bake (this is for items that i hope to make/bake for friends & neighbors)
  • Sharing Christ’s Love @ Christmas (each year, we choose a way for our family to help those less fortunate)
  • Christmas Shopping Lists (friends/family)
  • Gift List of those items bought
  • Thank You Cards (i think it’s important to send thank you cards.  i’ve tried to teach that to my son.  whether it’s birthday gifts or Christmas or someone has just gone out of their way to be kind, we try to always send thank yous.  i’m not saying we don’t forget or overlook someone sometimes, but it’s always our goal.)  this section is new to my Holiday Planner.  i usually just jot down names on my to-do list, but i thought it would be nice to have it all in the planner.
  • Receipt Envelopes  (occasionally the envelopes over-flow and will need another location at home, but i try to keep most of them in my planner.)

so, that’s my Holiday Planner 2009. 

in the hustle & bustle of the holidays, this is how i try to stay organized!! 

let the shopping begin! 


sweets for the sweet

this is another bag that i made with my cricut. 

i made it for my dear SIL…she’s been going through some heartache right now. 

i played on the word “sweet”. 

i made the front flower embellishment stamping the words “sweets for the sweet”, 

included some hershey kisses, which are sweet… 

and i also put together some Bible verses that i hope will encourage her…sweet words & promises of God. 

sweets for the sweet! 


tea for YOU! gift bag

i am still learning things about my new cricut expression, but one thing is for sure, i love making these bags!!! 

this size is perfect for teabags. 

i stamped the center of the flower. 

first with the words “tea-hot chocolate-coffee”. 

then i stamped a mug over it. 

i also inked the edges of the flower, bag & tag and i misted the flower.  (i love that mist!!!) 

on the back of the bag, i stamped this ‘limited edition’ tag. 

inside, i placed about 6 teabags.  my sister has been sick and i thought some warm tea might cheer her up! 


{favorite drink} ATC

i made this for a {favorite drink} ATC swap over on sistv

my current favorite:  triple venti non-fat caramel macchiato (hot), with 1 less pump of syrup. 

the front of the card is a picture that i took a while back and edited. 

the back just has some of my favorite woodgrain box tape and a picture of me enjoying my favorite drink. 


wish i had one right now! 


dd 2008 finished!


finally finished my december daily 2008.  better late, than never, right? 

went to a crop last night, (thanks for coming, Stef…i would have been all alone without you!), 

my goal was to finish my DD 2008. 

i would have liked to have made them a little more detailed, more embellishments etc, but hey, at least i finished it! 

i have already bought my supplies for my DD 2009! 

if you want to see the layouts close up, visit my gallery at sistv


not ashamed

my dad’s birthday is today! 

as part of his gift, i made this for him to hang in his home office. 

  • “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” Romans 1:16

that is his favorite verse, and the colors are the same as his office. 

looking forward to celebrating with him tomorrow during the Steelers vs. Browns game.  he loves the Browns and we love the Steelers. 



while cleaning my scraproom, (yes, still cleaning), last night,

i found this piece of plastic. 

it was actually packaging to something that i had bought, but to me, it looked like a bookmark! 

so, within a few minutes, that’s what i made it! 

i simply applied a piece of woodgrain box tape, some words made with my label-maker, a cute little owl, rounded the corners, punched a hole and added some ribbon!  you can’t see it very well in this picture, but the ribbon is actually a clear rubbery ribbon with owls printed on it—it matched perfectly! 

on the back, you could see the woodgrain from the front, so i simply added a ‘k’ and that was it! 

just a few minutes, some items i had in my stash, and a recycled piece of plastic becomes an ‘up-cycled’ bookmark!!! 


bits & pieces

my scrap room is outta control!! 

huge mess. 

just ask my DH, he’ll tell ya. 

so, i have begun to tear it apart,



purging (yikes, that’s hard to do),

cleaning, organizing… 

these are just a few pictures of some of my favorite spots in my scrap room. 

i need to make room for my new toy

i’ve only completed about 1/4 of the room…. 

i will post more pix as it gets completed… 

and some projects that i am looking forward to working on with my new cricut! 

TFL (thanks for looking!)