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the best


happy mother’s day! 

my guys spoiled me with all of my faves this weekend. 

friday, they had ordered my favorite cookie bouquet for me.  yum! 

saturday, they let me sleep in and then took me to my favorite ice cream place for supper.  yum! 

then today, my son had given me a MD card that he made for me along with a $20 bill (from his own pocket) so that i could go to starbucks today and get my favorite drink and snack.  yum! 

so, after church, before going to my parents’ house for lunch, they took me to starbucks….. 

i bought my favorite drink and an ooohhhhhhh soooooo yummy old-fashioned glazed cake donut. 


needless to say, by they time i remembered to snap a picture, i had eaten half of the donut already. 

ok.  so i’ll admit it, i had almost eaten half of the donut just walking to the car.  lol. 

(notice any scary similarities in all of my favorite gifts?  sugar???? yikes!) 

my hubby hid my MD card in the laundry room….i laughed and told him that it’s a good thing i like laundry….if he had hidden it near the toilet cleaner, it could have been another month before i found it.  lol!!!! 

i love them. 

i have been very blessed. 

we struggled with infertility before and after having Nick.  he is our only child and a true gift from God.  i am very thankful that God allowed me to be a mother. 

enjoy your day! 


…gotta love it…

  1. it’s friday…gotta love it 
  2. double-punch at Starbucks…gotta love it 
  3. pizza with the family tonight…gotta love it 
  4. mother’s day weekend…gotta love it 
  5. favorite cookie bouquet delivered to me from my favorite guys (hubby & son)…gotta love it 
  6. peaks of sunshine between the clouds…gotta love it 
  7. sleeping in…gotta love it 
  8. new scrap supplies to use this weekend…gotta love it 
  9. fresh plants for the garden…gotta love it 
  10. knowing God loves me…gotta love it 

scrappy recap {sunday scrappin’}

  • totally-the-80s-upclose
    it’s been a scrappy week. 

    my sunday scrappin’:

    my to-da’s: 

    • (above) was a fun layout that i did this week.  i’ve had this picture sitting on my scrap-desk, begging to be scrapped.  the rainbow paper just screamed “80’s” to me.
    • (below), as posted here.  i love this layout!  it was a fun layout to do.  my best friend, always a joy to be around.  and of course, Starbucks!  all of the fun stickers & actual Starbucks items.  the layout just “worked”!  i love it when that happens.
    • also posted some older layouts this week, that i love looking back on. 

    my to-do’s: 

    • as usual, there are always cards to be made. 
    • projects waiting to be completed. 

    the challenge: 

    • i didn’t do the challenge this week, unless you include the circle Starbucks’ emblem.  lol.  it was my bday last sunday, so i forgot to check! 

    hope everyone’s weekend is going well. 

    still needing to clean my scrap-room, write/edit neighborhood newsletter, pay bills and catch up on laundry!  yikes!  when i would actually just like to snuggle down with my starbucks and sunday paper. 

    enjoy your day! 


venti-sized friendship

scrapped at the church crop today.  a little group i call “scrap-n-chat”. 

of course, it involved drinking a starbucks while we scrapped! 

i’ve been wanting to scrap this picture of lisa & i at starbucks. 

finally did. 

appropriate title:  “venti-sized friendship” 

(for those of you that don’t drink starbucks, gasp, a venti=large) 

looking forward to a great family weekend…hopefully….a relaxing weekend! 



…just a coffee girl…

does she know me or what? 

i’m a coffee girl. 

i enjoy the little things in life & they make me very happy. 

a cup of coffee.  a cute mug.  chocolate & coffee candy–what more can a coffee girl ask for!?!? 

had lunch with my bestest friend, lisa, today. 

my bday is coming up on sunday and she brought me a goodie bag. 

i absolutely loved it!  look at it! 

she even scrapped the bag in a coffee theme!!!  she rocks!!! 

inside was filled with all sorts of my favorite things, 

B&B lotion, 

starbucks mints, 

A STARBUCKS MUG!!!!  “daily cup”  LOVE IT!!! 

flavored coffee from our local coffee shop, 

starbucks chocolate covered cappuccino biscotti, 

absolutely adorable love-themed scrapbooking flair!!!