happy valentine’s day! / thank you valentines!!

just wanted to say happy valentine’s day to my friends & family!  

Hubby–I love you–you are my forever sweetheart!  Happy Valentine’s Day!!  

Son–Happy Valentine’s Day!!! love, mom

 Philippians 1:3        “I thank my God every time I remember you.”
Afternoon Sugar High {my Valentine Gift}

ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy. 

just received a “special delivery” from my valentines, (hubby & son).

i didn’t think that these sugar cookies could get any better, but how about covering them in chocolate?!?!?

…to die for….

absolutely, unbelievably, incredibly delicious

here’s some pix

well, that’s all for now, my sugar coma is taking over.   hope all of you are having a SWEET valentine’s day!

will rock 4 food

going to be heading to this will rock 4 food concert on thursday.  should be a lot of fun–great bands will be there!!!  like Family Force 5, Spoken, Falling Up, This Beautiful Republic.  checkout Family Force 5’s my space and you can take a listen to their great sound!  enjoy!!

know an unsaved teen?  take them to a Christian concert!  a great way to reach teens through music and sounds they enjoy.  (even this almost 38 yr. old mom enjoys them!!!)  i’m sure it will be a great concert!!



i really hate to complain.

but, i hate rain.  i detest   loathe  despise  hate rain. 

it makes me feel blah.

it is february!  it should be a beautiful canvas of white snow.  not drizzle & fog.  won’t even start on the fact that it thunderstormed all night long, causing our beloved dog to go into a panic looking for a ‘safe’ spot to sleep.  (which lasted until just before the alarm went off).   yawn

my husband loves rain…so, to each his own.


on a happier note. 

my order from stampingbella came today! 

i can’t wait to sit down and use it…hopefully later tonight. 

also, met my friend, Lisa, today for lunch and coffee (and a bit of shopping). 

that gave me good reason to venture out into the drizzly messy weather.


OH & apparently, i just passed my 100th blog posting!!!! WOW!!!!  Can’t believe it!

when i started my blog, i figured that i would eventually lose interest.  but, i have become quite addicted to it! 

i am so inspired by other bloggers. those that i visit daily for a good read.

here are some good ones, just to name a few:

to those of you that actually read my blog–thanks for following along and allowing me to believe that i actually had something worth reading!!

you’re a hoot


i totally love these cute little round retro owls.

i’m not sure what it is about them….

i am shopping for some cute owl stamps.

know of any?  leave a comment!