calorie killer

 black_tie_mousse_3809.jpg well, our anniversary was super.  i enjoyed a great dinner out with my hubby…. unfortunately, i succumbed to the sweet, sweet call of my favorite dessert.

black tie mousse cake @ olive garden. 

i love it. 

always have loved it. 

when i finally stumbled home, in my sugar-induced state, and logged on to my calorie journal, i was stunned to realize that in that one little innocent dessert, in that alone, i had eaten a day’s worth of calories.  ugh.

so.  that is what i will be working on this weekend.

burning off that fabulous. wonderful. tasty. out of this world. black tie mousse cake.

16 years married: {wedding: part 2}

wow.  16 years ago today, i was 21 (almost 22), and getting married to my high school sweetheart.  (not only high school, we actually “went out” in 6th grade too).  he has been my friend since i was about 5 years old.  he has been a true friend and blessing, for as long as i have known him.  he is a man of integrity.  he knows what he believes and stands up for it.  he loves with a faithfulness and a heart of gold that can only be given by God.  he thinks not of himself, but what’s best for us and our family.  he has stood by me through good times and bad.  he is a man of God with a sensitive spirit.  i love him and know that he is blessing sent to me by God and i thank God for him.   in today’s world, when marriages are ending and couples are abandoning their vows, we stand together, still.  i am very thankful that God is at the center of our marriage and can help us weather the storms together.
 “Love” by Petra  (sung at our wedding)love is patient, love is kind
no eyes of envy, true love is blind
love is humble, it knows no pride
no selfish motive hidden inside
love is gentle, makes no demands
despite all wrong, true live still stands
love is holy, love is pure
it lasts forever, it will endure

love knows when to let go
love knows when to say no
love grows in the light of the Son
and love shows the world that the Son of Love has come
love is loyal, believes the best
it loves the truth, love stands the test
love is God sent in His Son
love forgives all we have done
in this world where hatred seems to grow
true love goes against the flow
and becomes so hard to show
in this world where push turns to shove
we have strength to rise above
through the power of His love
Lord, we need to know the power of Your love



16 years married: {dating: part 1}

tomorrow, (february 1), is my 16th wedding anniversary.  just wanted to take a few minutes and flashback over the years.  we dated for 5 years prior to getting married.  that makes 21 years together….i am 37, so basically i hardly remember life “before kevin”.  when we were dating, our song was “Lady in Red”.  when i hear it my heart still does a little flip-flop.  here’s a picture of us at my “senior banquet”.  the year was 1988.  i attended a Christian school, so this was our version of prom, minus the dancing.  dig my big hair and his big glasses. ha  Happy Early Anniversary, hun! (forgive me for posting the pic!!!)

more scrappy goodness

 finished my other page tuesday night after lisa left…pretty happy with it.  i’ve been trying to scrap myself occasionally.  as the “family photographer”, i usually don’t end up in too many pictures.
 this Starbucks emblem, i cut from a Starbucks gift bag. then, the glass/metal piece that i put over it, i actually bought at a garage sale.  i have no idea what they are supposed to be…but when i saw them amongst the vintage tools, i immediately thought “scrapbook embellishment”!!!!  it fit perfectly on this page.
 the picture is my all-time favorite mug from Starbucks!
 above my picture, i used descriptive word stickers…describing me…that drink is my favorite hot-weather drink: a java chip frappuccino.  {yum}
 this was just part of a flyer or whatever that i got at Starbucks during the Christmas season.  just snipped off the part that i wanted & attached some matching ribbon.  the newspaper article beside it announces that our local college now has a Starbucks kiosk….it’s small and isn’t open evenings or weekends, but it’s the only one we have, so i try not to complain!

caffeine {my addiction}

lisa came over today for a day of scrapbooking!  what fun!!!  (as i mentioned in an earlier post, of course, it included come caffeine–by way of–Starbucks and a healthy lunch–as in–Subway!)  annnnyyways!  i am so happy with how this first page turned out.  i thought i would share it with you!
the lighting isn’t the best, so it’s hard to get a true “appreciation” for the green (i love) paper.  the wording i cut out using lisa’s Cricut!!  an amazing tool!!  thanks for sharing, Lisa!!
i cut this cute embellishment off of a Starbucks cardboard cup cozy…i love how it just added a little extra.
saw this stamp at Meijer, actually, a while back and had to have it.  finally got to use it today…

so there you have it.  it was a little gloomy outside, but it was warm and scrappy inside.

all-time favorite

was out of town shopping a few weekends ago and came across this mug at Starbucks!!!  i enjoy walking in and seeing their new selection of mugs –i think that this one is my all-time favorite, so far.  i have noticed quite a few other blogsthis one,  and this one too,  that have pix of the same mug–you can see why it’s well loved!  the colors, the different fonts… i think it looks very creative.  i loved the fact that it has green and brown on it!!  loooove it!!!!  adding it to my cupboard of “happy mugs”…..(mugs that by just drinking out of them, it makes you happy!!)  i have printed out pictures of my mug, amongst other coffee-related pix, and i am ready to scrap them tomorrow, when my friend lisa comes over.  as you can see here, it’s not my first scrapbook page dedicated to my addiction!  (hope to post pix of us scrapping tomorrow or wednesday!)  enjoy your day!!

monday ramblings

ok. well, here i go….so much to say today!

first on my new year’s resolutions….how are yours going?  i am trying to get healthy in all aspects of my life….here’s a little update on how things are going……day 21

  • first, i encourage any of you who are trying to watch what you eat or lose a few pounds, to try  i love it!  of course, it is a little time consuming to journal every morsel that goes into your mouth, but it totally works!  it’s a gentle reminder that calories add up!  i think i started around the first of january and have lost almost 5 lbs, as of this morning.  now, i still drink my Non-fat Caramel Macchiotos from Starbucks, but i figure those into my calorie intake for the day.  Starbucks also offers new “skinny” drinks–fat free & sugar free!  this one is delicious!  i also have ‘upped’ my exercise routine to 6 days a week….it’s not easy, but it seems worth it.  (it’s dreadful some days, but having a tv in eye-shot of my treadmill sure does help.  ok, so enough rambling about calorie-counting….but if you need an extra kick!  try it!
  • next, i am t-r-y-i-n-g to have personal quiet time each day.  notice i said ‘trying’.  why is it, that this area of life always gets shoved to later in the day and later never comes?  anyways, to help in this area, i am also reading “Captivating” which is the current book in the book club.  i just started it this morning, but it seems like it is going to be up-lifting & encouraging.
  • another goal this year (especially these first winter months), is to scrapbook!  scrap-scrap-scrap!  i have a problem with continually purchasing new tools & paper (especially paper) and never sitting down to complete or even work on my MANY current projects.  so far so good.  my friend Lisa, (also a scrapper), and i have started meeting at eachother’s homes (which includes Subway Subs & Starbucks Drinks)  (after all, a girls gotta eat!  & a little caffeine doesn’t hurt either!!) to spend time scrapping.  such a great way to spend time with a friend, yet accomplishing your scrapbook project!!  also, i am trying to participate in Sunday Scrappin.  yesterday i spent about 4 hours scrapbooking, but never did post any of my projects.  i am finishing up an album for my sister…..3 more pages to go!!  yahoo!!!  then onto the next project!

well, that hits the highlights and i have rambled enough…..happy MLK day!  hope everone enjoyed the day off!  i know i did.


 I am in shock!  my first award!  people actually read my blog!!!!  my first tag and my first award all in one week….totally thrilled…(for those of you who are NOT impressed, forgive me…..little things make me very happy!  like i said, this means someone, other than my husband, is actually reading my ramblings!!!!!)  thank you Jennifer at Fox Family Fun!!!!!!  you have made my day!


my first tag

wow!  i’ve been tagged by jennifer over at her blog, fox family fun!!

Seven Random Things About Me

here’s how it works:

  • Link to the person that tagged you and leave a comment on their blog, so that their readers can visit yours.
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  • Share 7 strange/weird facts about yourself on your blog.
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  • Let each person know by leaving a comment on their blog.

My Seven:

  1. Immediately after brushing my teeth, i am incredibly thirsty and feel the need to drink a cup of water or i’ll go crazy!
  2. I haven’t drank a pop in approximately 5 years.
  3. Every Saturday night, around 11pm, i casually say to my husband that i wish the Sunday paper was there so i could read it then, instead of waiting till Sunday afternoon after church.
  4. If my husband listens to a CD before i do, (and he enjoys it), inevitably, i will hate it.
  5. After going to bed, i must watch tv before falling asleep, (sometimes, i even set the timer so that i can actually fall asleep with it still on…) and it must be a DVD of something i’ve seen before….like the Office series or Seinfeld series…nothing that i have to pay attention to.
  6. I love to watch real life crime shows, blood & all, like The First 48  ( LOVE IT!!!!!) or surgeries on tv, but in real life, nearly pass out while watching the littlest of procedures.
  7. I have a huge paper obsession.  (which is why scrapbooking & card-making….ok, any paper crafting is perfect for me!!)  i love gift-wrap, gift bags, stationary, paper, notebooks of all shapes and sizes, etc etc etc!  if i see it and love it and it’s a decent price–i buy it!  (could be the reason that my scrapbooking area is bursting at the seems with paper.)  i even stock up on notebooks when it’s back-to-school time.  i love a fresh notebook.

So, there you have it!  My very first ‘tagging’… to name my 7 taggees…’s hoping they play along!