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lazy dayz of summer

i haven’t blogged for the last few days…it’s been busy around here. 

a few extra nephews hanging out around the house lately….nick loves the company! 

they have enjoyed a few activities….like bowling & swimming… 

if you have little ones and you like to bowl, try 

kids under 15 can bowl TWO games EVERY day of the summer!!!!  for FREEEEEEEEEEE, yes free!!!!

including free shoe rental!!! 

(and for $23 you can join the family plan for up to 4 adults, then they can bowl two games EVERY day of summer!!!!)


we finally opened our pool!! 

perfect timing….the temps have been in the upper 80’s… 

snapped a few pix and of course, i had fun editing them on! 

(notice the lack of people in the pool pictures??…took many pix, but 14 year olds do not want their pix posted on mom’s blog…lol) 

enjoy your weekend! 


…just not right…

…it’s just not right…

it’s summer! 

we’re usually asleep for a few more hours!  at least!!! 

nick started summer gym today. 

that means my alarm goes off at 6:15AM. 

…that’s just not right…

he needs to be at the school by 8:00AM. 

…that’s just not right!

i had a list of errands that i had hoped to accomplish during those 4 hours…. 

what was i thinking? 

the mall doesn’t even open until 10:00~!

…it’s just not right…

just like most of the destinations on my to-do list….not open yet… 

of course, my starbucks was waiting for me….despite the early hours! 


…it’s just not right.

let’s catch-up

well.  let’s catch up. 

it’s now summer break. 

above is one of my favorite summer spots.  our patio swing.  i love it!  i really enjoy swinging while enjoying a good book. 

i love spending time outside in the sun.  yesterday, i decided to take the camera outside and snap a few pix. 

(still having fun messing around on….love how easy it is to edit photos on there!) 

also made some monkey munch.  yum-o!  as blogged here we LOVE monkey munch! 

therefore, i don’t make it tooooo often because we easily eat wayyy too much of it! 

it’s soooo yummy!  & addictive.  can’t just eat one handful. 

(this version is also peanut-free) 

we store it in a XL 2.5 gallon ziploc.  reaching in, you get covered in powdered sugar!  (you would think that would deter us, but no!) 
the extra large pieces that stick together are the first to go….oh yum!!!
below, nick and i picked up our lunch today…current low-cal favorite, subway & starbucks.  

he, of course, dodged out of the picture as i snapped it. 


that would be his laptop.  in the car.  no, this wasn’t a roadtrip. 

simply a long line at the drive-thru, so he pulled out his laptop. 

isn’t that normal for a teen in 2009? 

well, i am REALLY wanting to scrapbook.  lots of ideas bouncing around in my head. 

feeling very creative.  just need to do it. 

maybe i will post some layouts tomorrow! 

hope you are enjoying your summer so far! 

thanks for stopping by!

isn’t it lovely?

isn’t that lovely?!? 

my son makes amazing wallpapers! 

(i added the scraps in bloom so i could post it),

but he is always creating amazing pix! 

this one is so bright & cheery! 

i love turning on my laptop and having this greet me! 

hope your friday is bright & cheery too!   

the best


happy mother’s day! 

my guys spoiled me with all of my faves this weekend. 

friday, they had ordered my favorite cookie bouquet for me.  yum! 

saturday, they let me sleep in and then took me to my favorite ice cream place for supper.  yum! 

then today, my son had given me a MD card that he made for me along with a $20 bill (from his own pocket) so that i could go to starbucks today and get my favorite drink and snack.  yum! 

so, after church, before going to my parents’ house for lunch, they took me to starbucks….. 

i bought my favorite drink and an ooohhhhhhh soooooo yummy old-fashioned glazed cake donut. 


needless to say, by they time i remembered to snap a picture, i had eaten half of the donut already. 

ok.  so i’ll admit it, i had almost eaten half of the donut just walking to the car.  lol. 

(notice any scary similarities in all of my favorite gifts?  sugar???? yikes!) 

my hubby hid my MD card in the laundry room….i laughed and told him that it’s a good thing i like laundry….if he had hidden it near the toilet cleaner, it could have been another month before i found it.  lol!!!! 

i love them. 

i have been very blessed. 

we struggled with infertility before and after having Nick.  he is our only child and a true gift from God.  i am very thankful that God allowed me to be a mother. 

enjoy your day! 


foto fun

ok.  so, i am not good at editing photos. 

i know i have a lot to learn and i WANT to learn, but just haven’t figured it out yet. 


my amazing 14 year old son has it all figured out. 

here’s how the picture looked originally, (after being cropped)…(below)   

and here are some other ideas…  
the first one is my absolute favorite! 

it looks so vintage-like! 

the picture is from a small town near us, where my favorite ice-cream place is. 

as a special mother’s day treat, they took me there for supper.  as we were driving through town, we saw this old building that looked like a great backdrop for a picture….so…of course, i hopped out of the car and my sweet hubby snapped some pix. 

the one below is “old-school”…i think i love that one too!!!! 

we are still working on more, but that’s all i’ll post for now…..before you are bored with all of these pix of me. 

thanks for looking! hope you are having a lovely weekend. 


…gotta love it…

  1. it’s friday…gotta love it 
  2. double-punch at Starbucks…gotta love it 
  3. pizza with the family tonight…gotta love it 
  4. mother’s day weekend…gotta love it 
  5. favorite cookie bouquet delivered to me from my favorite guys (hubby & son)…gotta love it 
  6. peaks of sunshine between the clouds…gotta love it 
  7. sleeping in…gotta love it 
  8. new scrap supplies to use this weekend…gotta love it 
  9. fresh plants for the garden…gotta love it 
  10. knowing God loves me…gotta love it