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announcing {framed thoughts}

well, it’s friday! 

spent today at a scrapbooking crop at our church. 

i have many old pictures that are just waiting to be scrapped….so my goal was quantity, not quality. 

this layout is from 2000.  our church playgroup took a tour of a local armory.  it was really hot out that day and my son was rather grumpy.  when it came time to take a ride in a Humvee, (which every kid could hardly wait for), nick said that he did NOT want to go….because, there wasn’t any air conditioning in the Humvee.  can you believe that???  he really dug his heels in and refused to smile for pictures or anything else. 

this layout is of chewy & nick.  i’m pretty sure it was taken the first day that we had him…way back in 2000. 
the picture below is something new i’m trying.  a new line of scrapsinbloom, called “{framed thoughts}”. 

this is the first one, 1 Samuel 1:27, {framed thoughts} for your baby boy 

visit my etsy shop and take a look! 

there will be other themes/verses available soon! 

(thanks, lisa, for your encouragement today!  i really appreciated it!)


mirror mirror

messing around with my new camera…taking pictures in a new mirror that needs to be hung. 

the picture above turned out too cute.  chewy is yawning.  i think he was tired of taking photos. 

that’s all for today. 

go make a memory….even if it’s just playing around….and take a picture to remember it by!   


treasured eggs

these are some of the beautiful eggs that my grandmother was known for making. 

she always had a craft space somewhere in her house.  a table full of embellishments that she would use for her eggs. 

the eggs are real, blown out, dyed and embellished. 

some of these date back to my birth in 1970, my wedding in 1992, my son’s birth, another one for me in 1974, even one with a picture of a cute white puppy that she had made when we got our dog, chewy. 

grandma would hand cut tiny little flowers or pictures off of greeting cards, magazine pages, or anywhere that she would see inspiration for an egg.  many of her friends or church-acquaintances would receive an egg from grandma, that had been personally made with them in mind. 

she was a truly crafty gal!  i miss her greatly!  i think from one crafty chic to another, she would have enjoyed my scrapbooks.  she did get to see some in my early days, but not since scrapbooking has grown into such a hobby! 

ppw {part 2}

we took a sunday drive yesterday. 

with nick being sick all week, we had cabin fever. 

i took along my camera and took some shots along the way.  after all, it was a Picture Perfect Weekend. 

as soon as our car slowed down, these cows came to the fence. 

same with these 3 duck friends…as soon as we came to a stop at the side of the road, (along a canal), the ducks came waddling right up to our car door….too cute! 
as we waited in line at one of our favorite local ice cream parlors, chewy waited and watched… 
above is just a silly pic of me as we drove around…..  

and below is an edited pic that i took of a motorcycle as we waiting in line… 

i tried to follow a tutorial about making a photo look old….it’s not the best, but it was my first time….  

that’s all!  (at least all that i feel like uploading!) 

happy monday!  lol

real life

this is a layout that i did for the challenge over on OLW.  the word this week is: REAL. 

the journaling reads: “sometimes being a REAL stay @ home mom is less about eating bon bons and more about trips to the doctor’s office & smiling though you’re exhausted…this is REAL LIFE!!!”

i’ve been missing in action the last few days because nick’s been really sick. 

fever around 103′, breathing treatments around the clock, aches, pains, vomitting, sore throat… name it, he has it. 

finally did get an apt. at the doctor, (picture above)…the doctor prescribed an antibiotic and said if things don’t improve, he will need chest x-rays on monday to make sure it’s not pneumonia.  finally his fever broke last night….thank you God….he’s showing some improvement….so i grabbed a few minutes for myself and scrapped this. 

you can also see it here

…off to spinning class!….

happy thursday!!!


pajama party

whew!  it’s been a craaaazy week of preparing all of the menu/food for the youth retreat this weekend. nick will be heading with the youth group to an all-weekend retreat and i will be heading to a girl’s get-away overnighter with some ladies of the church.  my hubby will be enjoying silence & time alone.  poor chewy will probably not be a happy camper without us. 

it’s one of those weekends when i am looking forward to monday.  that’s not good. 

hopefully we will all benefit & grow from the different activities. 

enjoy your weekend! 

the dark side

the dark side of monopoly. 

did you know there was a dark side? 

i see its evil side,



the 3 of us

try to play a nice, friendly game of


kevin kicks butt at monopoly.  (& enjoys his win) 

nick gets competitive and despises the fact that kevin is really good. 

i hate monopoly.  i never buy the right properties.  i save my money. 

so, i always lose.  BUT, i’m ok with that.  which sets me apart from those two. 

rarely do we even complete a full game, because someone gets mad and gives up….(generally, someone under the age of 15). 

so this is what i did in between taking my turn and being the banker.  i fiddled with my new camera and took pictures of the game board, (which also upset those under the age of 15). 

so, the game ended early.  of course. 

we are considering banning monopoly from our family game nights. 




just stopping by to say hello! 

today is my 39th bday. 

never enough coffee!  this was a gift from my sister, laura… 

also received a huge amount of the best biscotti in the world, from my sister-in-law, jan….thanks, jan! you read my mind!!!! 

(many other nice gifts too, thanks everyone!) 

my hubby bought me a new camera.  it’s a bit overwhelming…lots to learn about it!!! 

hopefully i will be posting much better pix soon! 

if you own a similar camera and have any special tips~leave a comment!