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an owl & a puppy

this is a fun card that i made for a friend. 

i’ve been loving these layered circle flowers….i have seen them on MANY layouts and cards….so i made a few for the card. 

the paper is new with adorable little owls on it. 

i (heart) owls! 

i recently bought some flair pins on etsy and one of the owls matched the paper perfectly, so i just HAD to use it!!!! 

and of course, THICKERS were a MUST!!!!!  (love thickers!!!!!) 

this is cali, (short for california).  isn’t she cute??? 

she is an adorable new puppy that my nephew just got. 

this is a picture of us enjoying the Easter get-together. 

hope you are enjoying the start of a new week. 

don’t forget, tomorrow is the 15th….even if tomorrow is tax day, it also means that there is a new release party over at


more than just a number

sorry, i’ve been missing in action. 

i’ve been feeling kind of blah & un-inspired….along with the joy of each holiday, comes the stress of family issues….i won’t go on & on about that stuff, i’m sure most families have problems of their own….it’s just sad when you can see how sin can destroy a family…. 

ok…enough about that! 

on to more interesting things!!!  scrapbooking!!! 

this is a quick layout that i’ve been wanting to do for a while.  it’s about the last year and my dedication to not just lose weight, but to get healthy & fit. 

the journaling reads:

“more than the numbers on a scale 

more than the number on the clothing 

more than the numbers on the calendar 

it’s more about being fit and healthy to be the woman that God made me” 

of course i used some of my favorite thicker stickers….and the jenni bowlin calendar….one of my new calendar girl pins (flair) and some free MM mailbox numbers….. 

if you need some scrappy inspiration, i suggest checking out  (scrapinstyle)  it’s sooooo addicting!!!!  there are sooooo many talented scrappers.  lots of ideas and inspiration! 

enjoy your spring break!  take time to relax & be crafty!! 

(and thanks, stef, for asking where i’ve been!!!!  it’s nice to be missed from my little bloggy world!  lol!) 


just a couple’a cards

just 2 cards that i made. 

the first one is fabulous–BECAUSE, you can use scraps!!!!!  just bits & pieces of coordinating patterened paper!!! 

great way to use up small scraps! 

the picture above, i wanted a lot of space to write a note, so i opted for a small message in the corner. 

the next card i layered some flowers and finally used my skunk from my forest friends stamp set from papertreyink.  i think he’s cute!!!! 

that’s all! 

thanks for looking!!!! 


real life

this is a layout that i did for the challenge over on OLW.  the word this week is: REAL. 

the journaling reads: “sometimes being a REAL stay @ home mom is less about eating bon bons and more about trips to the doctor’s office & smiling though you’re exhausted…this is REAL LIFE!!!”

i’ve been missing in action the last few days because nick’s been really sick. 

fever around 103′, breathing treatments around the clock, aches, pains, vomitting, sore throat… name it, he has it. 

finally did get an apt. at the doctor, (picture above)…the doctor prescribed an antibiotic and said if things don’t improve, he will need chest x-rays on monday to make sure it’s not pneumonia.  finally his fever broke last night….thank you God….he’s showing some improvement….so i grabbed a few minutes for myself and scrapped this. 

you can also see it here

…off to spinning class!….

happy thursday!!!


warm temps

this is a layout that i created on 

i haven’t played around on their site in a while.  i forgot how much fun it is!! 

it’s the only time that i mess around with any form of digital scrapbooking. 

the journaling reads:

“Temperatures in the 60’s today.  It was the first time that I finally feel ready for Spring.  Enough of Winter.  I opened teh back door and Chewy assumed his normal position…looking out back and keeping his eye on any neighborhood activity.” 

if you’ve never tried scrapblog, give it a try!! 

happy friday!! 

slug-bug altered gift box

my mom has a yellow VW, so when i saw this new paper, by paperloft, i new that she would love it! 

i used the paper and coordinating papers from the same ‘slugbug’ line to cover the gift box, inside and out.  

then placed her wrapped bday gifts in matching tissue & ribbon.   

i even made a notebook for her to keep in her car…and a bookmark…(she loves to read) 

for better instructions on how to cover a white gift box, you can refer to another post, from a month or so ago. 

that’s all for today!  hope your week is going well! 


altered cookie tray: part 2

ok.  so here are both of the finished magnets. 

  • i simply layered some of my favorite flowers, vintage button and a small bird. 
  • i added a little quote at the bottom. 

this project kind of turned out different than how it started. 

i knew the basic color theme i was going for. 

but the bird-theme just kind of happened.  all of the tiny hand-cut birds are from my grandmother’s crafting stash.  i guess the project just kind of followed that direction…thinking of my grandma while i worked on it. 

  • the bird transparency on the top left corner (seen below), is from my embellishments.  it serves a 2-fold purpose.  1. i like it.  2. there is a slight bit of tray that shows through where i mis-cut the paper, so, this brown bird hides it.
below is the finished project! 

once an old-used Christmas cookie tray. 

now a magnet board!! 

what have you altered lately?


altered cookie tray: part 1

ok.  so, i cleaned out my pantry a month or so ago…and had an idea to alter this cookie tray. 

just using stash i already had on hand, it was rather easy. 

here are some instructions, (or at least, what worked for me):

  • find a tray, either from your current collection, or i’ve heard that the local Dollar Store carries them.
  • decide what color, theme, you want to go with.  with this particular tray, i decided to keep the edge color and match stuff to it, instead of covering it up. 
  • i didn’t even use a pencil.  i simply layed the paper against the back of the tray and ran my fingers along the edges of the tray, tracing a ‘groove’ in the paper, and that’s what i used as my guideline to cut.
  • lather on the modge podge and carefully place your cut out paper on the tray.  try not to let bubbles build below the paper.
  • next, i didn’t even wait for that to dry.  i slathered on the modge podge on top of the paper, taking it a little over the edges.
  • gather your embellishments or whatever you want to use on it.  i had a bunch that i thought might work, so i slowly went through them, until i thought i found what i wanted. 
  • ok.  so, mid-way i decided that i wanted to create my own magnets.  using some generic magnet that was on my fridge, i picked some flowers to layer.  using my Zip-Gry glue, which is awesome, i built my layered magnet, using 2 flowers, a button, and a cut out embellishment.
  • bellow is one of my finished magnets.  the bird was actually from my grandma’s craft stash.  (she was always very crafty…i think i get my passion for crafts, from her…..sadly, she passed away about 10 years ago…before i could really appreciate her).
ok. so that takes us mainly through the process. 

unfortunately, i just deleted all of my pix from my camera before they were transferred to my laptop. 


and, i need to leave shortly, for a girls’ night out…. 

so, i will have to retake the final pictures of my tray and post the 2nd half tomorrow!