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tonsils & traditions


i’m the only one in the house that still has mine.  other than chewy. 

ugh.  i don’t want to be sick.  

but it’s coming.  

you know that feeling?  when your head hurts, your tonsils (glands) hurt,  you start to feel achy?  

that’s me.  

that’s now.  


i did have a good saturday.  i made a blanket for someone’s bday.  (can’t say who, in case they read my blog) 

slept till noon, although i hadn’t planned on it.  

sorted through photos and supplies for a scrapbooking job i’m doing.  anxious to get started on that next week. 

had hoped that my order from papertreyink would arrive today, but it didn’t.  guess it will be here monday.  


on to traditions.

advent calendars. 

marking the beginning of december.  the big countdown to Christmas. 

(i’m not talking that actual “advent”, just the playful countdown till the 25th) 

i love the Christmas SEASON.  not just the 25th, but the entire time from thanksgiving to the 25th of december. 

i love the hustle & bustle.  i love the weather.  i love the shopping.  the planning.  the list-making.  the baking.  the music.  the decorations.  the snow.  the thinking of others.  secrets.  surprises.  anticipation. 

ALL of it.

so, ever since nick was little, we have always had a fun advent calendar for him to countdown the days.

whether it was the lego or playmobil ones, opening a small toy each day…leading up to the completed scene (toy) at the end of the countdown. 

or just a calendar with little doors to open and read, there was always something.  just for him.  

obviously, at age 14, legos & playmobils aren’t so cool. 

last year, we didn’t have any and it just seemed sad.  a small tradition that was missing from the season. 

so this year, when i saw this one, i thought it was perfect!  i could decorate it and fill it with things that are age appropriate.  just a little something to add excitement to each day in december.  AND it could be reused each year.  another added bonus.  ali edwards made an awesome one last year and posted it on her blog.   i love her idea also!  

well, all of this talk about the holiday season—i can’t wait!!!!

but enough for now.  i think i will go put some cozy jammies on and sink into bed. 

what’s one of your favorite traditions?  leave a comment! 

the little things

i’m a simple kind of girl.  little things make me happy. 

like today, my hubby told me he would like to run to GFS and look around. 

(this is a big deal.  usually, we are like hobbits on saturdays….we stay at home….)  

so, of course, i jumped at the chance.  

we wondered around for about 10 minutes, left and ended up at starbucks. 

yippee!!!!!  me & hubby sippin some starbucks!!!!   life is good!  

and i happened to see a holiday martha stewart magazine, that caught my eye–   

so i even splurged on that!  ($7 for a magazine….when did that happen??) 

we also went to lowe’s and looked at the washer & dryers….sounds boring to you,  

but, like i said,

it’s the little things that make me happy.  

this is a good day.  

a really

good day.


oh and i’ve been busy working on stuff for my etsy shop….check back tomorrow and see the goodies!

did you realize?

just a small (ha) reminder, in case you don’t realize…..

Christmas is less than 3 months away!!!!!   

i loooove this time of year!!!   

in our house, much to my husband & son’s dismay, listening to Christmas music begins in October.  

so, you need to be making your list. 

and checking it twice. 

you need to find out who’s been naughty or nice…     

summer has raced by

well.  just a few short hours in bed, and we will be up again and getting ready for school.  bummer.  where have the days gone?  seems like it was just june.  this is a picture from tonight.  on the last day of school break, my hubby always meets us for lunch at the Olive Garden and then takes the afternoon off, so that we can spend it as a family.

tonight, we met our extended family, (grandparents, cousins, aunt & uncle) for supper at our local “pizza joint” and then went go-carting.  we try to squeeze just a little bit more fun into the last day.

i also completed my first scrap-challenge.  it’s not a big deal.  many sites offer a challenge, and then those that choose to participate upload their layout. 

my layout was of nick and his new school clothes.  new long hair style.  and the fact that he now buys his jeans in the men’s dept.  where has time gone?  i can still remember when he was just starting kindergarten.  time goes too fast.

the challenge had to include some form of cardboard, a pc. of notebook paper, at least 2 embellishments, 2 photos, the journalling needed to end with a question…’s mine:

for sale

aren’t they cute?  i built it while sorting through thousands, (literally), thousands of legos for the garage sale.

well, tomorrow’s the day!  rise & shine! bright & early!  full day of garage sale at the church.  praying that we make a nice chunk of change for missions.  my goal is to make more than last year….  so far, this year’s sale has gone surprisingly well!  no injuries, (last year nick had his finger crushed between tables and required stitches), last year, on the night before the sale, we were there quite late finishing up, but today we were out of there and eating dinner by 6:00!!!  whatta blessing!  people said that i was crazy for doing ‘another garage sale so soon’.  they didn’t think that we could fill an entire gym again with enough items—-they were wrong!!!!  God allowed things to go smoothly & blessed us with enough items to fill the gym!  i can’t wait to see what amazing things God will do tomorrow!

need some scrappy inspiration?  i have been looooving this website!  sooo many talented girls! check them out!!

vintage finds & a good netflix

watched a cute movie today….penelope…..cute little love story. 

spur-of-the-momently went to a antique flea market, (huge place)…didn’t even make it through the entire place before they closed. 

below are my 3 ‘finds’. 

  • vintage jar of buttons. 
  • vintage used postcard of port clinton, which i will use on my layout of our trip to Lakeside.  
  • vintage printer’s drawer, which i will try to create a wall-hanging project, like ali edwards did.

also ate a yummy meal at Max & Erma’s.

over-all good day.  thanks, hubby.  wink wink