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venti-sized friendship

scrapped at the church crop today.  a little group i call “scrap-n-chat”. 

of course, it involved drinking a starbucks while we scrapped! 

i’ve been wanting to scrap this picture of lisa & i at starbucks. 

finally did. 

appropriate title:  “venti-sized friendship” 

(for those of you that don’t drink starbucks, gasp, a venti=large) 

looking forward to a great family weekend…hopefully….a relaxing weekend! 



baby steps


so, my hubby bought me a new camera for my bday. 

(he’s been nagging me to actually use it.) 

i’m weird. 

when i receive a  gift, especially something large or detailed, i wait. 

and wait. 

and wait. 

i don’t use it right away. 

i will.  but, in my own time.  when i’m comfortable.  when i’m ready.  and i don’t want “people” watching me use it for the first time, or telling me how to do it.  (ha)  (stubborn??  me??) 

i take baby steps. 

the first day, i watched one of the dvd’s that came with it.  (yes, i am one of THOSE people). 

the second day, i took stuff out of the boxes, looked at it all, and charged the battery. 

TODAY, i turned it on and took a picture.  lol. 


using the photo that i took of us on my bday, (with my phone),

i scrapped a layout today….. 

so, i thought it would be my first “subject”. 

the pictures are only taken on automatic.  i only adjusted the flash. 


baby steps. 

ok.  new topic. 

i love this tool! 

i bought my first “distresser tool” last night. 


as you can see on the layout, i used it alot!!!! 

another new tool, these wonderful tweezers. 

they work perfectly picking up these adorable little pearl embellishments. 

well, that’s all.  hopefully, as i figure out this camera, (in my own time), the quality will improve!! 

happy tuesday! 


snail mail


i’m still here. 

kind of been in a blogging rut lately. 

i have been scrappin’ a little here & there over the last few days. 

finally had a chance to play with my new stamps from papertrey ink, (whom i love!!) 

this snail is so cute.  he’s from the forest friends set

hopefully i will get a few more done and i can post them later. 

happy monday!


things to come

exciting new things are ‘in the making’ for scrapsinbloom… 

this is a sneak peak at some new projects that i am currently working on. 

scrapsinbloom may be expanding their blooms a little!!! 

many more ideas floating around in my head…. 

just need to focus & discipline myself to keep on working at it! 

stay tune!!! 

altered gift box

can’t believe it’s 2009!!  happy New Year! 

we enjoyed the night at home. 

our nephew came over and hung out with nick… a little rock band, a little “dark knight”, lots of snacks & computer time…hubby hung out with the boys. 

i got a lot done.  enjoyed alone time in the other end of the house… 

organized my 2008 bills & paperwork. 

ate yummies, like hot wings & monkey munch… 

(watched a marathon of dog the bounty hunter…shame on me, but i like that show!)

earlier today bought some after-Christmas clearance at walmart.  (love it!!!)

bought some of the typical white gift boxes–dirt cheap. 

got home and felt scrappy, so i decided to cover one of the boxes with some supplies i had on hand.  i had wanted to make an “after holiday de-stress gift” for a friend at church, so i thought this would be perfect. 

here’s how:

  • all you need is either the top pc. of the box or the bottom
  • find some coordinating patterened paper
  • trace sides of box, to place inside
  • line sheets of paper with adhesive and carefully place against inside firmly
  • do the same with the inside bottom
  • next comes the outside and bottom, which is done the same way also
  • lastly comes any kind of embellishments that you might want to add.  i kept it simple.  i ran some ribbon thru my sticker maker and wrapped it around.  added some bling and a sentiment.  that’s it! 
  • used some coordinating tissue to cushion the items inside
  • since the theme is “after holiday de-stress”, i bought her favorite body wash, some super lotion, foot cream, a shower puff and of course some chocolate–starbucks–even better!

hope that makes sense! 

it was really easy, but if you have questions, feel free to contact me! 

braven’ the crowds

whew!  they are out in droves today! 

spent most of the day Christmas shopping… 

i really don’t mind the crowds.  i’ve always loved this time of year….the crowds don’t bother me. 

20 years ago, i used to work retail at toys-r-us and i looooved this time of year!  it was sooo busy! 

the hustle & bustle of the crowds.  the Christmas music playing in the stores. 

i love it. 

also made some handmade gift tags. 

here’s a glance (below). 

still working on my december daily.  you can see it here.

cold noses…

cold noses, warm hearts! 

a little card that i made this morning…  (nope, not a Christmas card…still haven’t started…) 

anyways, i guess our rain is expected to turn to ice, sleet & snow later this afternoon. 

hope your monday is warm & cozy!