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sweet stuff

wanted to put out some candy canes today. 

wasn’t satisfied with my usual candy dish, so i grabbed an empty jelly jar and some scraps of Christmas paper, a gift tag and some ribbon….and ta-da!

today started my december daily.  check back tomorrow for 2 layouts. 

nick opened the first of his advent countdown calendar….such small little boxes, but i easily printed out a coupon for a $1 download of his choice (approved by me)…he loves to download Christian music or ipod applications on itunes. 

ran many errands today….starbucks in-hand…snowflakes were falling….Christmas music playing in the car  

i LOVE this time of year!!!

handmade advent calendar

whew!  i worked on this advent calendar for most of my day.  it was a lot of fun to make. 
  • the above is actually one of the finished project…i just had to skip ahead!
  • this picture is just laying out the supplies.
  • after removing all of the drawers, i then sanded it slightly.  i thought it would help the paint to adhere better.
  • next i put a coat of paint, ‘sandstone’
  • once that layer dried, then i covered it with a thin layer of clear glitter topcoat
  • i gathered all of my Christmas paper, using a template that came with the boxes, i then traced and cut out 25 different drawer fronts.
  • then, using my sticker maker for adhesive, i adhered all of the paper onto the fronts of all of the drawers.
  • next, i placed the drawers back into the calendar.  figuring out where they each looked best.
  • finally, i began the process of finding embellishments to use on each drawer and labeling them with the proper number.  (the number stickers came with the calendar)
  • slowly, i found embellishments for each drawer (it was a lot of fun!)
  • the next few pictures are simply close-ups of the drawers
  • the last few pictures have a red bow & jingle bells ontop.  it needs something to finish it off…..not sure what….i’m not happy with the bow….but i love jingle bells….sooooo i’m not sure what i will end up doing to the top.

so, that’s that!  so happy with it!  so happy it’s done!  hope you are enjoying your saturday!

holiday traditions

over at the Internet Cafe Devotions, they are hosting a Holiday Expo, beginning today.  click over and check them out!

today’s topic is traditions. 

  • HAM ROLL-UPS:  my favorite holiday recipe is (& always will be)…Ham Roll-ups…as mentioned here.   they are a simple appetizer, but i looooove them!!  it wouldn’t be the holidays without them!
  • HOLIDAY DRIVE:  i love to drive around and look at holiday lights and decorations.  we all pile into the car, including the dog, drive thru and get our favorite warm drink, pop in a Christmas CD and drive around….if it’s snowing, that’s even better!!!
  • STOCKINGS:  my parents have always gone above & beyond on our stockings.  amazing little gifts- all wrapped- ranging from normal things, like chap-stick, nail-files, candy, to crazy things, like toilet-seat covers to carry in your purse, or holiday themed tissues for your purse….it’s amazing…oh and always, an orange in the toe of the stocking.  even to this day, my parents continue to fill our stockings.  and of course i have carried this tradition into my own home.
  • CHRISTMAS MUSIC:  even though it makes my husband & son crazy, i begin listening to Christmas music at the end of october.  i looooove Christmas music.  absolute love carpenter’s Christmas album, johnny mathis, amy grant, michael w. smith….just to name a few
  • ADVENT:  when i was a child, we always had the advent wreath & candles on the dinner table…when my son was little, we would just do a Christmas countdown, like a lego advent calendar, as mentioned here.  (always remembering to emphasize the real meaning of Christmas, Jesus’ birth.)  now that nick is older, we have our own Advent wreath and we celebrate Advent by reading the devotionals as a family.
  • CHRISTMAS PHOTO:  every year, i love to send Christmas cards.  it’s a great time to touch-base with those that you don’t hear from often.  of course, i love to include a photo of nick and chewy, as you can see here and here.  each year, we buy a silly outfit for chewy to wear and nick is gracious enough to smile for the camera….this year, we might try something different….OH and this year, i am making my cards….around 60….guess i better get busy on those! ha!!
  • EARLY GIFTS:  i have a problem.  i get sooo excited about the gifts that i’m giving, that sometimes, i can hardly wait until the 25th.  over the years, i have been known to give many early gifts.  one traditional gift, is always opened on Christmas Eve….pajamas…sometimes even matching lounge pants and t shirt for dad & son.
  • BAKING:  i love to find different holiday recipes to make, and especially to give as gifts to teachers and neighbors.  one of the most loved recipes are homemade chocolate covered cherries.  they take a while to make, but are well worth the effort.
  • CHRISTMAS SHOWS & MOVIES:  i looooove to watch holiday programs.  my favorite movie is The Christmas Story, Elf and many many more.
Ok. now for a crazy tradition that has been going on since 1988. 

THE TOILET PAPER ROLL:  when i still lived at home, i never would change the empty toilet paper roll, (much to the demise of my mother)…(which as a mom, i know understand why)…..anyways,  one night, after being told a million times to change it, i kept the roll and shoved it under my mom’s pillow.  (why? i don’t know.  just to be silly)…..   well, low & behold, she kept that roll and i unwrapped it under the tree that year!  then, i kept it for a year, and hid it in one of their gifts and so it began.  this SAME toilet paper roll has been passed back and forth since 1988!!!! 

some of the ways its been given:

  1. in a pan of cinnamon rolls (the bakery actually helped out on this one)
  2. in a planter of flowers (the florist helped out)
  3. in the base of a cookie bouquet
  4. covered in chocolate
  5. found after clues, like a treasure hunt
  6. put INTO a Build-a-Bear’s leg

no matter how it’s given, it’s always signed with the year and wrapped to prevent any damage.  i don’t see it in my sock drawer, so it must be dad’s turn this year!!!!

it may sound crazy, but this tradition now even has friends asking about it each year–anxious to see what is done!

perk up!

took a few minutes this morning to create this card, it’s to “perk up” someone i know…hoping to be an encouragement to them, praying God uses me to show them His love…  

i should have taken the pictures with my camera instead of my phone, but it’s just too darn easy to snap a quick pic with the camera, send it to my email and post it– 

instead of getting out the camera, cord etc.  so, forgive the poor lighting…  


i made the background using an assortment of stamps in different ink colors. 

from another set, i used the cute little tea pot and the quote on the inside of the card. 


hope your day is great and that maybe you take a few minutes to be an encouragement to someone around YOU that needs it.

  • “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”  1 Thessalonians 5:11

thanksgiving day journal

i’ve been trying to think of a something special to make for thanksgiving. 

not a recipe, but some sort of book or journal to hold pictures and memories of the day. 

i am hoping that family & friends will be willing to write down a few sentences about how they have been blessed, or what they are thankful for, or even as basic as a favorite thanksgiving memory. 

i remembered a thanksgiving recipe album that i had started last year.  it contains “favorite family recipes” along with a picture of the food and recipe.  i have many more empty pages, so i decided that i will take each family member’s picture and include it with what they choose to write down. 

hopefully it will be something to treasure and look back at the many ways that God has blessed our family over the years. 

here are the few pages that i have done.  (i may add a few more embellishments, once thanksgiving day is over and the other pictures and journalling can be added.) 


i love this paper (above)…it will be the title page…somehow i will frame the words “Thanksgiving dinner”… 
this next one is for my mom’s “pan gravy”…here she was using the juices from the turkey to make her yummy gravy.  i am pretty sure that this is the same recipe that my grandmother always used. 
this page is for my favorite recipe of all.  ham roll-ups.  absolutely my all-time fav. 

i could pretty much each the entire platter and skip the rest of the meal. 

for as long as i can remember, this appetizer has been a part of our thanksgiving. 

my sister now brings these and i pretty much meet her at the door, gladly relieving her of her platter of yummies! 

the recipe with the turkey is for a spice rub that i have used when preparing the holiday bird. 

it adds lots of flavor and the butter adds lots of moisture.  (the inside is also stuffed with my m-i-l’s dressing!) 

the next recipe is for my mother-in-law’s dressing.  this is the only food that my husband cares about. 

he loves it. 

according to him, it wouldn’t be thanksgiving without it.

this is more paper that i love.  i love all of the different fonts and words and colors. 

so, that’s it.  it is pretty much ready for thanksgiving day.  i may prepare some small journalling papers ahead of time, so that on the big day, it will be ready for them to journal…..

rolls of ribbon

is your stash of ribbon out of control? 

mine was. 

even though i had it separated into cute jars, it just seemed to always end up in a mess.  a huge mess.  some on the roll.  some off of the roll. 

a while back i had seen where nichole heady had used old-fashion clothespins to wrap hers.  you can see her jars here. and here.  

whatta great idea! 

i found a huge (and i do mean huge) jar at my good friend lisa’s garage sale.  her mom (thanks, Pat) sold it to me for only 50cents!  it works perfectly! 

it holds over 80 pins full of ribbon!!! 

nichole suggests using a stick pin to adhere the ribbon to itself.  i chose to wrap the ribbon, then using a piece of double-sided tape, i simply stuck the end of the ribbon to itself.  on some rolls, you can see a piece of masking tape….that is how they were attached to the rolls i bought them on, so as i pulled it off of that, i left the tape on it and used it on the clothespin.  (does that make sense?) 

i also had a much smaller jar, so i decided to keep ribbon that i will be using soon, like Christmas ribbon, in it for quick access.

i found my clothespins at our local Dollar Tree store.  packages of 20 for $1.  so far, i have used at least 100 of them.  it looks so much prettier and it saves on space! 

if your ribbon has you wrapped up, give it a try!

simple holiday planner {altered notebook}

each year, i try to make a small holiday planner for my purse. 

nothing special.  just something to keep lists organized and receipts handy.  

sometimes i add more embellishments, but this year, i decided to be simple. 

that way, if it gets banged around in my purse, i won’t be too upset. 

here’s what i did. 

  • take an old (or new) notebook. 

  • trace around the cover and cut out paper the same size.  cardstock can be used to make it sturdier. 
  • i chose to run mine through a sticker maker.  the adhesive completely covers the back and ensures a good hold, however, you could use an adhesive of choice.

  • now, i like to divide the notebook into sections and i like quick access to those pages.  i chose to take a few pages of the notebook paper and enclose it in holiday paper.  (it makes it thicker, than just attaching it to one flimsy sheet of paper.

  •  obviously, you could ‘go to town’ decorating and embellishing each divider and cover.  i simply titled each section and added a ribbon as a tab.

  • this is the view from the top.  i love ribbons.

  • my planner holds includes Christmas present lists (of wants) and lists of have purchased, a list of gifts that i would like to make, personally for people, including food gifts also, a pocket for receipts (which usually over-flows by mid-december), and a list of holiday recipes that i would like to try for holiday parties and get-togethers.  i like to keep my planner smaller.  you could alter a larger notebook if you would like, but i prefer to keep mine with me at all times, so i want it to fit comfortably in my purse.

  • here’s the finished product.  like i said, this year, i went with a simple look.  so, i had found this starbucks Christmas tag in my stash, (you know how i love starbucks) and also attached a jingle bell, ( i looove the sound of jingle bells at Christmastime).

so, that’s it.  it was quick and simple and now i feel like the holiday season can begin!!!!  after all, it is november 1st today!  time to get busy!

a tisket a tasket

a tisket a tasket.

here’s my huge basket!

i have been looking for something to keep my ever-growing marvy punch stash in. 

found this one today! 

50% off! 

love it! 

(except for the fact that i have already ordered a few more punches and my basket is over-flowing already!)

if you haven’t tried these punches yet, you should!  they are easy to use and the different sizes are perfect for any project!  you can purchase them many different places, of course, i would suggest my favorite online store, papertreyink!!!! 

my mini

spent last night have soooo much fun putting this mini album together. i made it for my BF lisa.  she is my coffee-buddy.  i knew she would totally “get” the theme of this album.  

i used all sorts of papers, rub-ons, stickers, stamps, ribbon, and starbucks stuff. 

i filled it with pix of us at starbucks, and a pic of our starbucks cups.  

also added coffee quotes and Bible verses about friendship.

these are just a few of the pictures. 

visit my SIS site to see the rest!