do you get these? 

i’m not a vera bradley person, myself, but practically every female family member i have loves VB….so, i order off of their site…now my mailbox is full of their catalogs. 

this one caught my eye! 

it was larger than the usual catalog they send and (as usual), the paper they use is extremely heavy….soooo, i thought ALTER IT! 

i tend to hoard my favorite papers, so needless to say, i didn’t use my favorites, but i do have quite a few of those “paper stacks” that you can buy with multiple coordinating sheets…..so, since i didn’t  (& still don’t) know exactly what i would use this for, i grabbed 2 of those stacks, my modge podge and went for it! 

here are some tips if you are going to alter a catalog:

  • feel free to tear out a page here & there if it is extremely thick
  • have fun with it!  i even cut some of the pages in half or trimmed off an inch here & there to make it interesting
  • i used binder rings to help hold it together (although they aren’t really needed), this will also allow me to add extra sheets, envelopes or fun stuff
  • i modge-podged about half of the pages, skipping around, and then placed it under a flat, heavy item (such as a laptop) over-night so that the pages dry flat and not curved or crinkled (which tends to happen with modge podge on paper)
  • i tend to ‘over think’ my layouts and projects, but since i created this without a specific purpose in mind, i tried to just put it together without much planning….
so, i am anxious to see how it ends up! 

i keep changing my mind what i actually want to use it for…..hopefully i can find a fun use soon! 

haven’t posted a sunday scrappin’ in a while, so i thought i would today! 

my ta-da’s:

  1. obviously this altered vb catalog

my to-do’s:

  1. find a use for my new altered book! lol
  2. thank you cards for my son to send from his bday
  3. maaany summer scrapbook pages 

the challenge: i didn’t get a chance to do anything bday related…..hopefully this week. 

thanks for stopping by! 

grab some mail and alter it!! 

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