i’ve been trying to think of a something special to make for thanksgiving. 

not a recipe, but some sort of book or journal to hold pictures and memories of the day. 

i am hoping that family & friends will be willing to write down a few sentences about how they have been blessed, or what they are thankful for, or even as basic as a favorite thanksgiving memory. 

i remembered a thanksgiving recipe album that i had started last year.  it contains “favorite family recipes” along with a picture of the food and recipe.  i have many more empty pages, so i decided that i will take each family member’s picture and include it with what they choose to write down. 

hopefully it will be something to treasure and look back at the many ways that God has blessed our family over the years. 

here are the few pages that i have done.  (i may add a few more embellishments, once thanksgiving day is over and the other pictures and journalling can be added.) 


i love this paper (above)…it will be the title page…somehow i will frame the words “Thanksgiving dinner”… 
this next one is for my mom’s “pan gravy”…here she was using the juices from the turkey to make her yummy gravy.  i am pretty sure that this is the same recipe that my grandmother always used. 
this page is for my favorite recipe of all.  ham roll-ups.  absolutely my all-time fav. 

i could pretty much each the entire platter and skip the rest of the meal. 

for as long as i can remember, this appetizer has been a part of our thanksgiving. 

my sister now brings these and i pretty much meet her at the door, gladly relieving her of her platter of yummies! 

the recipe with the turkey is for a spice rub that i have used when preparing the holiday bird. 

it adds lots of flavor and the butter adds lots of moisture.  (the inside is also stuffed with my m-i-l’s dressing!) 

the next recipe is for my mother-in-law’s dressing.  this is the only food that my husband cares about. 

he loves it. 

according to him, it wouldn’t be thanksgiving without it.

this is more paper that i love.  i love all of the different fonts and words and colors. 

so, that’s it.  it is pretty much ready for thanksgiving day.  i may prepare some small journalling papers ahead of time, so that on the big day, it will be ready for them to journal…..

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  1. Krista,
    This is a great idea…I will be having Thanksgiving with my extended family minus my parents and siblings. I might think about doing this…Where did you get that paper at? A note from your comment you left me…yes we use the Cloth Diapers on Z we will soon have to move to the next size up. HOLY COW his temps oh my word. Z is trying to teach himself how to laugh it is quite funny.

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