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pancake saturdays

The last 3 weeks, there’s been a new tradition on our home. 

Pancake Saturdays. 

My husband makes the pancakes.  (They are fabulous…thanks honey!!) 

I make the coffee. 

Even Chewy gets his own cute little mini pancakes. 

One certain family member, has yet to crawl out of bed for his….ahhh, the life of a teenager. 

february friday fun facts 3

Hello again. 

It’s Friday, and it’s still February, so that leads us to February Friday Fun Facts! 

This week’s topic is Coffee Facts

  • Coffee is a no-calorie drink
  • It takes about 45 coffee beans to make one shot of espresso
  • 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide, making it the most popular beverage
  • Sprinkle spent coffee grounds around the base of your garden plants and it will stop snails and slugs from munching them!
  • The US Navy used to serve alcoholic beverages on board ships.  However, when Admiral “Joe” Daniels became Chief of Naval Operations, he outlawed alcohol on board ships, except for very special occasions.  Coffee then became the drink of choice, hence the term “Cup of Joe”.
  • Bach wrote a coffee cantata in 1732
  • For reducing wrinkles and improving their skin, the Japanese have been known to bathe in coffee grounds fermented with pineapple pulp.
  • Coffee, as a world commodity, is second only to oil
  • Iced coffee in a can has been popular in Japan since 1945
  • Regular coffee drinkers have about one-third less asthma symptoms than those non-coffee drinkers. So says a Harvard researcher who studied 20,000 people.

my shopping trip (day 2)

BEST Out-of-Town Birthday Shopping Trip EVER! 

That was my day today. 

My husband & son took me out of town today. 

Not only that, but they took me to all of my favorite scrapbooking stores (Archivers & Michaels), Target, they let me pick lunch,(Chili’s which included FREE birthday dessert for me) and of course Starbucks. 

They not only took me to scrapbook stores, but followed me around endlessly, (and I do mean endlessly….even I was wiped out after Archivers) without complaining. 

It was wonderfulllllll. 

***I had previously posted about Starbucks new doughnuts and the fact that they are peanut-free.  If you look at their website, they do not list peanuts in the ingredients, nor do they list it on their allergen checklist, but to much disappointment, when double-checking in the store, the barista checked the package and they are ‘processed on shared equipment’.  Huge disappointment. 

***Chili’s Molten Lava Cake, although it doesn’t directly contain peanuts,  it is ‘made in a facility which also processes peanuts’.  Bummer. 

2 days till 40~ 

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day tomorrow!!! 

yes, please (day 4)

Yes, please.  One of each, please. 

  • Starbucks Valentine’s Day cups
  • Chocolate Mini Sparkle Doughnuts
  • Vanilla Mini Sparkle Doughnuts

I guess these are all new products at Starbucks! 

The doughnuts are only 120 calories each, which is low for a doughnut.  AND according to the website, they are also peanut-free!   

…hoping to get some soon! 

…only 4 days till 40! 

craftiness all around me (day 6)

This little post is dedicated to the craftiness all around me! 

By that, I mean, friends & family that have recently given me handmade birthday gifts!!

Above is a scrapbook that my mom made for me!  She has never scrapbooked, but she put together this album for my 40th, so that I can fill it in with many photos and embellishments from my party.  She even admitted that she could see how scrapbooking could be addicting!!!!  (yes!) 

Below, is, of course, homemade chocolate biscotti from my SIL!  I have blogged about her biscotti many times.  It is FABULOUS!  She even altered an oatmeal container to store it in!  Way to go, Jan!   

A few weeks ago, I tried to learn how to crochet little scrapbooking flowers…and failed miserably. 

So, (probably out of pity–just kidding), my MIL and my nephew’s wife, Meagan, made me gobs of those little cuties!!! 

Lisa, my amazingly creative scrapper friend, made me a little mini album out of used gift cards!!!!!!!!  She included pictures of us, family pics and of course, Starbucks stuff!  Look at the cute little coffee cup paperclips that she bought on Etsy!  She even gave me a few with my gift!!!! 
Amazing craftiness all around me….such an inspiration!  Thanks everyone!!!! 

6 days till 40!  It’s getting closer! 

the view from here (day 11)

…this is the view from my comfy chaise chair, 

from under my favorite Steeler blanket,

with my hot cup of coffee, (this week’s, @ home, brewing choice  Seattle’s Best Creme Brulee) within reach,

(along with my home phone, cell phone, tv remote and favorite chapstick)…. 

with my green laptop, camera & accessory bag at the end of my chair,  

and my fuzzy friend, Chewy, practically attached to me. 

(The picture below is awful, I know.  As soon as Chewy hears the camera, he always moves….guess he’s camera-shy…argh)  

I think I have a case of the winter-blahs. 

I haven’t been feeling too inspired… 

I am hoping to accomplish lots of scrappy projects this weekend,

PLUS my Studio Calico kit of the month should be coming tomorrow!!! (yippee!!) 

Oh, and I am looking forward to a new episode of this show & that show–TONIGHT! 

…11 days till I turn 40… 

date your spouse (day 17)

Something I have learned over the last 18 years of being married…. 

never stop dating your spouse! 

It’s the little dates that I love. 

I don’t need huge expensive dinners. 

…how about your favorite donut at a local drive-thru donut shop, hot coffee at another place, a quick errand, a little driving around, listening to music, then home to watch a movie… 

I would rather have 50 little tiny dates, than 1 big deluxe date. 

i love dating my hubby. 

and 17 till 40!  YIKES! 

(**bonus info: favorite donut: Glazed Sour Cream Cake Donut, tonight’s movie: 500 days of Summer**)