over at the Internet Cafe Devotions, they are hosting a holiday expo.  this week, the feature is a “tour of homes”. 

so, i’m playing along, by posting a glimpse of our holiday decorations. 

above pic pretty much sums it up for me.   i looooove Christmas. 

the wreath on our front door is live.  each Christmas, my husband’s employer sends them as gifts.  they are quite beautiful and smell lovely.  the wreath somewhat hides my doorplate, (which i love).  it was a gift from my grandmother when we built the house. 

next, is just a few of my village pieces.  i have too many to get out at the same time, so i have begun rotating them.  i have them in a few different locations, this just being one. 
next is a glimpse of our tree.  i like to use red, green and gold, but i also now include many ornaments from years past or new ones from this year. 

i like the word “believe”.   i think it may be my favorite holiday word. 

i look at it in 2 different ways. 

  1. whether you call it “Santa” or the spirit of Christmas, i love the excitement and anticipation of gift-giving and everything about Christmas.  i don’t think i will ever out-grow loving this holiday season and “believing”.
  2. most importantly, i believe that Jesus is my savior.  He died on the cross and rose again, for me–a sinner.  the most important part of Christmas being that God sent His Son to earth, through the birth of Jesus, at Christmastime.
of course, it wouldn’t be MY tree, if there wasn’t an ornament or two, reflecting my love of coffee. 

this particular ornament (pictured above) even SMELLS like coffee!  yum!!

and obviously i love my starbucks!!!
the pac-man ornament actually lights up and plays the original pac-man theme.  each year, my son asks for an arcade-size pac-man machine.  (which we don’t have the room or the money for.)  when i saw this ornament, i knew it would be perfect for him!!!
lastly, a little jar of candy canes that i made and an advent calendar that i made also.  

that’s just a small look at our decorations…wouldn’t want to continue to bore you with more & more pictures……

happy holidays!

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10 comments on “home for the holidays”

  1. ‘Bore’ us with more pictures? NOT possible! I love Christmas, and since I’m decorating challenged, I love looking at pictures! I loved your Believe sign on your tree–so cool!

  2. how lovely! that pacman is too cute! brings back old memories! and the coffee! a girl after mah own heart! lol
    gotta check your advent tutorial though! that’s gorgeous!

  3. I absolutely love your advent calendar! I have been looking for to do that I liked. I think I will follow yours. It will not be as beautiful as yours, your sooo creative. I’m excited. I love read the story of Jesus birth every Christmas. It’s a story that just never gets old!

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