sorry i haven’t been blogging daily the last few days. 

but, just as you are probably also, i’ve been busy. 

whether it’s baking, going to get-togethers, picking up Christmas stuff, or whatever, 

just seems like at the end of the day, blogging gets pushed aside. 

this week’s goals:

  • i need to finish my december daily.  (i am a bit behind on that.)
  • must to get back to walking on the treadmill each night.  (haven’t felt well, and have been busy)
  • would like to take down all Christmas stuff.  (started this morning)
  • must catch up on all laundry & ironing that has been piling up, (no matter how many loads are done each day)
  • want to make thank you / Christmas / New Year cards.  (wayyy behind on that.)
  • desire to organize my scrapbooking space & make room for new stuff.  (always more productive when it’s cleaned…plus husband is happier)
  • continue to conquer kitchen/dining room.  (this morning cleaned out fridge, checking expiration dates and throwing away holiday leftovers)  (but i still need to re-organize the pantry) 
  • and refunds (mostly from normal stuff bought prior to Christmas….shoes that didn’t fit etc.
  • somehow enjoy the last week of Christmas break with my son
  • get squished.  (mammogram tomorrow with mom & sister) 

well, that pretty much sums it up. 

hope you are recuperating from the holiday craziness. 

of course, New Year’s is still on it’s way!!


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