ok.  so, i cleaned out my pantry a month or so ago…and had an idea to alter this cookie tray. 

just using stash i already had on hand, it was rather easy. 

here are some instructions, (or at least, what worked for me):

  • find a tray, either from your current collection, or i’ve heard that the local Dollar Store carries them.
  • decide what color, theme, you want to go with.  with this particular tray, i decided to keep the edge color and match stuff to it, instead of covering it up. 
  • i didn’t even use a pencil.  i simply layed the paper against the back of the tray and ran my fingers along the edges of the tray, tracing a ‘groove’ in the paper, and that’s what i used as my guideline to cut.
  • lather on the modge podge and carefully place your cut out paper on the tray.  try not to let bubbles build below the paper.
  • next, i didn’t even wait for that to dry.  i slathered on the modge podge on top of the paper, taking it a little over the edges.
  • gather your embellishments or whatever you want to use on it.  i had a bunch that i thought might work, so i slowly went through them, until i thought i found what i wanted. 
  • ok.  so, mid-way i decided that i wanted to create my own magnets.  using some generic magnet that was on my fridge, i picked some flowers to layer.  using my Zip-Gry glue, which is awesome, i built my layered magnet, using 2 flowers, a button, and a cut out embellishment.
  • bellow is one of my finished magnets.  the bird was actually from my grandma’s craft stash.  (she was always very crafty…i think i get my passion for crafts, from her…..sadly, she passed away about 10 years ago…before i could really appreciate her).
ok. so that takes us mainly through the process. 

unfortunately, i just deleted all of my pix from my camera before they were transferred to my laptop. 


and, i need to leave shortly, for a girls’ night out…. 

so, i will have to retake the final pictures of my tray and post the 2nd half tomorrow! 


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