isnt’ she cute? 

meet lil miss hoot! 

and we musn’t forget mr. hunky hoot- 

i love owls!  i sat down with my supplies last night and worked on this project.  now, in this blog post, you won’t see the finished project, but i will show you the steps i used to make lil miss hoot and her hunky friend. 

  • first, i wanted to use my glittermist to make a colorful paper.  as you can see below, i first misted it with “caramel apple” and then with “peppermint stick”.  i thought that both of those colors would be fall-looking. 
  • while this paper dried, i stamped a bunch of little hoot bodies onto a piece of cream paper.  (later i realized, i should have switched that….i should have used the mist paper as the body and cream paper as the belly so that more color would show…oh well.)
  • hoot bodies are stamped with Wise Owl and Wise Owl Bellies
  • bodies stamped first, then wings, then i cut them out. 
  • using my Cricut Expression, i cut out many scalloped & unscalloped circles, different sizes and colors. 
  • on the smaller circles that weren’t scalloped, i then misted those with “caramel apple” mist.  then using a couple different stamp sets and the words “hoot”& “hoo!” i stamped the circles with those words. 
  • next came time for their cute little bellies.  using the paper that we misted at the beginning, i then stamped different bellies.  then cut them out. 
  • once i positioned the belly on the body, i would stamp it’s cute little beak. 
  • glue the belly on.  any basic adhesive will work. 
  • after the belly and beak on done, i used googly eyes, which i glued on.  ( i love the eyes!!! there are stamps that you can use instead if you don’t have any eyes on hand, but i happened to buy a small bag of these at our church garage sale this summer….i just couldn’t resist them!  especially for about 25 cents, i just knew there would be a project for them!!!) 
  • once the glue from your bellies has dried, you can then stamp on their feet…i learned the hard way that you don’t want a little glue seeping out when you apply pressure to your stamp….it’s best for it to dry a few minutes first. 
  • i then started to place the circles together, using different colors. 
  • once i got this far, i realized that my cute little owls were so nice and chunky, but once they are placed on top of the hoot background, you can hardly see the words….so, i had to break free from my habit of “centering” everything and start to play with positioning the owl so that you can read some of the hoots. 
  • as i finished up, i couldn’t resist putting a little bow in “her” hair and making boy & girl owls. 
this is only the first half of my lil owl project.  today i need to finish the other part. 

here’s a little clue about how these lil hoots will be used!!  stay tuned to see the finished project! 


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