Yes, I’m still here.  Just busy. 

I have had a little time to be crafty lately.  Here are some highlights. 

Paper tape flower in picture above.  VERY EASY.  I learned how from the Tim Holtz tutorial.  You should give it a try! 

Above is a glass etching that I finally did.  After watching many Cricut tutorials, I was confident enough to give it a try… Very EASY!  I am thinking of many more things to etch!
I sent a care package to my nephew that just started college.  I wanted to include some homemade cookies.  After putting them in a ziploc bag, I placed them in this oatmeal container, to better protect them.  I didn’t want to decorate it…after all, he’s a guy.  But I did include a handmade tag with it. 

SO, that’s just a little of what I’ve been up to. 

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