ok, so you may be thinking that i am talking about scrapbooking….well, i’m not.  Scrappy, is mscrappy-blog.jpgy son’s pet hamster.  occasionally, i call him ‘scrap-attack’.  (Nick named him that because after we purchased him, all the way home, he made a scrapping noise as he tried to escape his cardboard home.)  now, as cute as he may look in the pictures, it’s kind of a love/hate relationship we have going.  i am sure you moms know what i am talking about.  any cute new pet that comes into the house, who ends up reallytaking care of them????  we do.  so, yes, scrappy is cute.  especially when i go into the room at night and he scampers to the top of his house and stands on his hind-feet, waiting………  waiting foscrappy-blog-21.jpgr what?  Cheerios.  more spescrappy-blog-31.jpgcifically, strawberry yogurt Cheerios.  he loves them!  i have to admit, i enjoy giving him those treats.  he actually balances himself, (or maybe it’s so that i don’t get away), by grabbing hold of my finger with one of his hands, while he takes the Cheerio with the other. 

too cute, huh?  wanna run out and buy one for your household?  you may want to take this into consideration:

  • hamsters are nocturnal.  (you may think that you won’t hear them, but we had to move scrappy into an empty room, –well, technically our scrapbooking/exercise room–and even with the door shut, we can STILL hear him doing things.)
  • they eat what you don’t want them to eat–for example, those cute little plastic cages–he ate through one, so we had to buy a 10 gallon tank.  we had tried the 5 gallon tank at the beginning, but he would climb on top of his house and try to eat the metal screen at the top, which totally freaked us all out.
  • they don’t eat what you do want them too.  apparently they are supposed to enjoy chewing on wood.  not scrappy.  he likes plastic.  so, we purchased a wood home for him to feast on and he barely nibbled.
  • their cute cages need cleaned, at least every 4 days.  (enough said)
  • occasionally they take a bite of your finger.

well, i can’t believe i have blogged about our hamster, but i thought that the truth should be out there!  if i had only known, i’m not so sure we would have purchased him!!  (right.  Nick knows i’m a sucker.)

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