Ok.  i thought i would write a post about a few 100 calorie snacks that i have tried and let you know what i thought about them, kind of like a taste test–but i’m the only one here tasting. i’m not trying to sound like i am an expert in the area of snacks….just thought it would be fun to review a few of my favorites. 

the only one that i eat daily, is the popcorn.  the other ones are just a special treat, now & then.

it’s best to get these on sale, or at a place like Walmart or Target….also, many companies, like Meijer are coming out with their own brand of 100 calorie treats that are just as good and don’t cost as much. 

(i’m pretty sure all of these that i mention are also peanut-free items, but please double-check the ingredients, if that is an issue in your family.)

if you have a favorite (store-bought, pre-packaged low-cal snack), leave a comment!!!

so, here we go…..

100 calorie Pop-Secret Butter Popcorn

  • this is my all time favorite.  i eat this popcorn almost every night before bed.  for 100 calories, the quantity is amazing….totally fills you up and tastes great.
100 calorie Oreo Thin Crisps

  • now, you may be thinking, how can a thin Oreo taste good??  when you are craving something sweet and chocolatey, this is the answer.
Hershey’s 100 Calorie Dark Chocolate Bars

  • ok. let me just say, there is nothing low-calorie tasting about  these.  they are absolutely fabulous.  if you are craving a chocolate candy bar without the guilt, these are the answer!
Hostess 100 Calorie Packs

  • these little sweeties are not only cute, but tasty.  if you have a love for hostess, but are cutting calories, these are the answer.
  • my absolute favorite is the crumb cakes (not pictured)
100 Calorie Doritos Mini Bites

  • well, if you need something salty to curb your cravings, try these.  these tiny bites pack a punch! 
Nature Valley 100 Calorie Granola Bites

  • these tiny treasures are very tasty & filling.
Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack Lorna Doone Cookies

  • i have always loved lorna doone cookies and these little bites are just as tasty as the originals.

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6 comments on “100 calorie snacks {some of my favs}”

  1. I love the 100 calorie snacks! It’s great to have them counted out already. No worries!

    I love the Oreo snack packs, PopSecret Kettle Corn snack packs, Jello Sugar-Free Double Chocolate pudding which are only 60 calories and another fav of mine are the Weight Watchers chocolate cakes…those are only 80 calories. YUM!

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