ok. so i am totally into this blog thing.  i find myself searching and reading, searching and reading.  i am trying to compose a list of my favorites, so that i can add them to my blog-list. 

as i sit here searching, i am realizing that i basically have nothing of interest to blog about today…but, because i find it totally disheartening to go to a blog that isn’t current and up-to-date, i have decided to simply blog my about my incredibly busy day today.  so, bare with me…

currently it’s almost tomorrow…

husband, asleep beside me…(bless his heart, he has to get up and go to work tomorrow)

son, on his laptop in his bedroom playing games and enjoying some late-night fun, before summer ends.

i’m watching a dvd of “The Office”, which is what we do every night as we go to bed….often falling asleep while the tv is still on, almost like a lullaby.  (you will always find either a dvd of “The Office”, or a dvd of “Seinfeld”, in our bedroom dvd player….we currently own all available seasons of both shows.  pathetic, i know.)  my hubby & i are constantly quoting either show throughout our daily routines…inside jokes that only we appreciate.

started my day with normal mom things…emptying the dishwasher, loads of laundry, picking up the house…yadda yadda yadda (to quote “Seinfeld”)…

then off we go, to the church.  currently, i am overseeing a 3-church garage sale.  eeks.  what was i thinking???  i have never seen so much stuff.  we, (a few volunteers, and my dear family–son, husband, parents, sister and in-laws) have spent countless hours unboxing and sorting through stuff.  cleaning it, organizing it etc. etc.  i think that the stuff has been multiplying in the drop-off location.  for every box i have unpacked, i am pretty sure 3 boxes then appeared in it’s place.

so, we spent the most of the day at the church, only to swing through McDonald’s on the way home for Nick & my nephew,  grab a quick supper….drove through Kewpee for my favorite 1/2 cappuccino 1/2 black coffee….and a burger…i never did have lunch, so of course by this point, i feel a bad headache coming on….either from lack of nutrition or lack of caffeine.

home for approximately 25 minutes, which was barely enough time to take the dog out, read the paper and head back out the door.

men’s softball tournaments for our church league, which my hubby is the coach of.  whew. should have been a double-header, the first team we versed didn’t have enough guys show up–forfeit–lucky us.  second game, we kicked butt!  have to admit, quite proud of hubby. : )

oh, forgot to mention.  on way to softball game, drove through Happy Dayz to get hubby a quick burger to eat before the game…..waited in line fooorever….almost late to game.

come home, more housewife stuff.

45 minutes working out to exercise video. (wow! i exercised!  i always dread it, but feel so good afterwards!)

3 more loads of laundry.

lay in bed, read blogs.

whew.  may not sound like much to anyone else, but i have that good day’s end feeling when you know that you have accomplished all sorts of things.  (even though the to-do list grows for tomorrow.)

this day reminds me of many blessings:

  • thankful to have both of our parents live in our hometown, close family
  • thankful that my husband has been blessed with a good job that allows me to be a stay-at-home mom, so that i can get involved in major projects at church
  • thankful for good health that allows me to fulfill my day-to-day routine
  • thankful for an understanding hubby that forgives me when i dive into major projects and become totally absorbed in them

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