hello.  took this picture on june 1, while sitting in the sun…sipping my starbucks…reading my book….soaking up some warm rays. it was a beautiful day.  (unlike today…rainy & crappy). 

finally had a chance to scrap it today.  (the last day of school!!!! tomorrow begins our summer!!!!! yippee!!!!!)

i love this lined paper with the scalloped edges.   i don’t know about you, but it’s a little pricey, so i try to use only a portion of it per layout…..so, in this case, i used only half.
wanted to try the new pleating method, with ribbon & staples.       my bow was already tied when i remembered to try it….and the ribbon should have been longer.  not thrilled with the look of the big staples, but considering that it was the first time i tried it, i’m pleased with the final look.
loved the bright picture.  the ribbon, (which i’ve had forever), reminded me of a beach towel.    the green paper on the left is covered with summer words.

the polka-dotted cellophane actually came on a cookie bouquet that i received for mother’s day.  just seemed to work well together.

SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!!!!!     saw this cup, that someone designed, on the web.  love it!!!!    

hope your summer break is starting off superbly!  looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.    



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