good morning.  i hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day.  

i’ve been in a vintage mood lately….as you can tell, by the last few posts/pictures.  

didn’t get a chance to do any scrapbooking yesterday for sunday scrappin.  maybe next week. 

i had an added bonus in my inbox this morning.  my favorite, papertreyink, now has a monthly newsletter!!!  AND in addition to these lovely punches, which i absolutely loooove and use all of the time, they now carry a FLOWER punch!!!!  let me tell you, i had a hard time resisting!  but i will hold off for a few days, until i can justify ordering all of them.  ha. 

family cook-out later today.  i need to finish cleaning the house and food prep.  looking forward to steaks on the grill, loaded baked potatoes, salad, homemade smores and sooo much more!  of course, i will try to keep the calorie quota under control.  still using  loving it.  it really keeps me in check, yet i can still splurge on life’s yummies.  i don’t feel like i’m “dieting”. 

guest speaker at church yesterday.  sermon was fantastic.  jotted down a few notes & verses that i may blog about this week sometime, when i can put my thoughts together. 

i hope you enjoy your Labor Day with friends and family you love!

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