i’m a simple kind of girl.  little things make me happy. 

like today, my hubby told me he would like to run to GFS and look around. 

(this is a big deal.  usually, we are like hobbits on saturdays….we stay at home….)  

so, of course, i jumped at the chance.  

we wondered around for about 10 minutes, left and ended up at starbucks. 

yippee!!!!!  me & hubby sippin some starbucks!!!!   life is good!  

and i happened to see a holiday martha stewart magazine, that caught my eye–   

so i even splurged on that!  ($7 for a magazine….when did that happen??) 

we also went to lowe’s and looked at the washer & dryers….sounds boring to you,  

but, like i said,

it’s the little things that make me happy.  

this is a good day.  

a really

good day.


oh and i’ve been busy working on stuff for my etsy shop….check back tomorrow and see the goodies!

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