had some fun last night….went to the annual taste of home cooking school

each year, my mom, sister and i always go.  it’s fun.  it’s a girls’ night out.  we meet for dinner at a local coffee shop, downtown, near where the expo is, then head over to the expo & cooking school. 

this pic is my lap.  you always receive a bag of goodies, including their magazine, which contains many recipes, including the ones that will be demo’d.  (the bag of goodies has changed drastically over the years.  it used to contain kitchen utensils, all sorts of freebies & coupons….now, it’s basically coupons)

lots of yummy recipes were taught with lots of give-a-ways.  LOTS of give-a-ways!  appliances.  groceries.  platters.  gift baskets.  TONS.  (might i mention, that over the years, the 3 of us have NEVER won anything?!  zippo.  zilch. nothing.)
the above picture is only part of the stage, (about a third of it–the far left stage).   it’s neat how they make it look like a home-kitchen-setting.  all appliances, decor, dining room tables etc.  this was taken with my cell-phone, so the pix isn’t the best.
the above picture was directly center stage, but we were in the 2nd row, so the view is kind of looking up…..this is where she stood and cooked, with a camera’s eye view from the top. 

i love the holidays and everything about them.  the cooking show has been a part of the holidays for quite a few years.  we always have a good time.  last night, there was a BAT that decided to fly around and swoop over our heads.  it added quite alot of excitement to the show for a few minutes.  imagine an auditorium full of 95% women, with a BAT swooping over our heads.  YIKES!!!  (have to admit that the cookind instructor handled it like a pro.  didn’t rattle her, cheryl,  at all!)

here is the list of yummy recipes that she showed us:

well, that was my night last night. 

hope you are doing something fun & holiday’ish! 

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