welcome to our table, sit down, eat and enjoy!  

i hope your Thanksgiving day was full of wonderful food & fellowship, family & friends!!! 

my side of the family, is very small.  i have one sister and no grandparents.  so my parents and sister always get together with us, then later in the day, we spend the afternoon and evening with my husband’s side of the family.  both in-laws are good friends, (our mom’s were best friends before we were married), so occasoinally, we celebrate together.  my husband’s side of the family is much larger.  he is one of four with many neices and nephews.
i absoluteyl looooove making the turkey.  i have a spice rub that i rub on it, along with an entire stick of butter.  then he is stuffed with delicious stuffing (m-i-l’s recipe)…..here is my hunky hubby carving the turkey. 
over at the Internet Cafe Devotions, they are celebrating the holidays in a lot of fun ways.  today’s theme is ‘day of gratitude’. 

things that i am very thankful for:

  • my salvation through Jesus Christ
  • my marriage
  • my husband and all that he stands for & his commitment to me and our family
  • my son, who is a gift from God above
  • the country that i live in
  • good friends and family, whom love the Lord
  • the Lord’s provisions in all areas.  not always giving us what we want, but always supplying what we need

on Thanksiving day, i usually watch the Macy’s parade, but today, i watched the Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon, along with a little bit of I Love Lucy.  of course, once the men got ahold of the remote, it was Fox News or football.   we played a few rounds of Catch Phrase, which we recently discovered, is a great game to play with all generations. 

happy Thanksgiving!

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5 comments on “day of gratitude”

  1. I love your Thanksgiving table. So pretty and elegant! Were you able to help boost the economy with your purchases yeterday? 🙂 I did some shopping… online… in my pj’s! 🙂 I didn’t do quite as much cleaning as I planned, but I set up a Christmas Tree card holder I’d ordered from Dayspring.com. Last year’s foster kids are coming to visit today from the other side of the state. We haven’t seen them since June, so we’re excited and counting down the hours til they’re here. Happy Saturday!

  2. thanks for your kind comments! the table decorations were quite a deal!! if you wait until the day before Thanksgiving, you can get stuff for 70% off!!!!

    ~krista :nod:

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