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Busy Mom’s Book Club

i love to read!  i don’t always find time to read…..and almost always i will only read fiction….i guess because i read to relax, not to learn something.  (i know, probably not the best way to use my reading time).  anyways, i was reading BooMama’s blog and her post about the Busy Mom’s Book Club (Lisa Whelchel) and thought ‘what a great idea!!!’. 

so, i joined.  of course, the introduction and first chapter are to be read by tomorrow!  eeks!  guess i better run out and buy the book early tomorrow morning!

if you feel inclined to join me–sign up!

thank you elle’s studio!

 i know this is supposed to be “wordless wednesday”, but i wanted to pass along the info that goes with the picture!   i bought this fabulous calendar kit on Etsy.  it was a great deal for all that it included.  i can’t wait to be creative with it–i will definitely post the outcome, once it’s finished!  oh ya, i learned about this shop on Etsy, by reading her blog–Elle’s Studio. check it out!  she has a great blog–very creative.  she has even posted pictures of some of the finished calendar kits.  enjoy!

prayers for our children

a few years ago, i came across a super book that i would recommend to anyone.  it’s called “Praying the Scriptures for your Children”, by Jodie Berndt.  it takes scriptures and uses them as practical and personal ways to pray for children.  the book divides them into categories, such as their salvation, physical health and safety, spiritual protection, emotional well-being, relationships and their future, (just to name a few). i have used it so much, that i have decided to include some of my favorites in my blog.  i hope that they become as meaningful to you as they are to me.

  • “Fill ___________ with your Holy Spirit, that she (he) might bear the Spirit’s fruit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.”  Amen  (Galatians 5:22-23)

me & the girls

well, i haven’t blogged the last few days because i took a quick trip to Lake Erie with my mom & sister.  we stayed at Lakeside Ohio, where we have vacationed for over 30 years.  it was a great time to get away, enjoy the sunshine, eat some sweets and do a little shopping.  i have lakeside-blog1.jpgincluded a picture that i took as we walked along the lake at sunset.  while i was gone, i picked up some new scrapbooking supplies and i am very excited about some new projects.  once i get them completed, i am hoping to list them on Etsy.  it will be my first attempt at selling things on Etsy instead of Ebay.  here’s hoping for the best~

family road trip

creation-museum-blog-pic-2.jpgcreation-museum-blog-pic.jpgin june we took a road trip to the Creation Museum, in Petersburg, Kentucky.  a great time was had by all!  it is a beautiful museum, inside & out.  a refreshing experience for those that oppose the theory of evolution.  (the first pic was taken as we entered the actual museum.  no matter where you looked, there were intriguing displays.  the second pic was from the depiction of the Garden of Eden, satan as the serpent.)  the museum carries you through “The Seven C’s of History; Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross and Consummation.”   for more information, you could visit their site: