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just a quick follow-up to my blog about caffeine.  my son & i attempted to visit the new campus Starbucks, but were disappointed to find out that it doesn’t open until tomorrow.  guess we’ll save that cup’a caffeine for another day.

ok.  while i might as well mention another bummer.


now, i know that i blogged about how much i enjoy shopping for supplies & all of that, but today i began to feel that stress creep into my stomach, like a rock.  you moms know what i’m talking about…….sweating the details……details like, what teachers will he get?  are they Christians?  will they understand his peanut allergy?  what peer group will he be surrounded with this year?  will there be another Christian boy in his class that he will bond with? 

ok, enough of the worrying. 

i just need to remind myself that it’s all in God’s hands.  every year God continues to bless us with working out all of the details for His glory.  we don’t always understand or realize in the beginning, why things are a certain way, but come May, we can see God’s hand has been there, leading, protecting & guiding Nick throughout his school year.

in tomorrow’s blog, i will include some ‘prayer whispers’ that will focus on our children’s relationships with their peers and their teachers (& coaches). 

my addiction

coffee-blog.jpgok.  well, i might as well admit it.  i … am … addicted to…  caffeine… ok. maybe addicted is a harsh word.  but i do enjoy it.  now, don’t bother to remind me of all of the reasons that caffeine isn’t good for me.  i know & i don’t care.  the way i figure it, i don’t smoke or drink, or do drugs, so if my worst offense is a little caffeine now & then, what’s the harm?!?!

maybe the addiction part plays into the picture when i arrange my dailyactivity (or errands) around where i can get one of my favorite beverages.   hence problem one.  i live in a small town, where the first Starbucks just opened last week, but only on a local campus.  (i’m trying to work that into tomorrow’s to-do list.)  there are a few other restaurants thatoffer delicious drinks.  we have a great local coffee shop called, The Meeting Place, where i love to meet a friend and sit and talk over a hot coffee.  i will also admit to the fact that i enjoy McDonald’s regular iced coffees.  (i am also aware of all of the health reasons for not eating frequently at McDonald’s.)  (so, to balance the sugar in the coffee, i tell myself that eating a yogurt parfait with it, somehow makes it healthy.)  another local place, Kewpee, has a great cappuccino….now, i think it tastes too sweet, so i prefer it mixed with 1/2 black coffee.  when we are out-of-town, i (& my husband) do enjoy stopping at Panera Bread for either a coffee or a Cappuccino Chip iced coffee, (notice i said, when we are ‘out-of-town’, because once again, we don’t have one of those either.) 

did i mention, that if i know it’s decaffeinated, somehow i just don’t enjoy it as much??

i won’t even begin to tell you the trouble that having a Starbucks inside a Target can cause!  (we don’t have Target either, so once again, i head out-of-town.)  combining a caffeinated drink with all of the extra great deals that you can get at Target—eeks—it’s a deadly combination!  (deadly for the wallet) so, if you see me there, and i’m wandering around with my eyes bugging out of my head, with a towering cartload, talking a million miles a minute, don’t worry….it’s just a caffeine high…’ll pass, (usually after i pay for my stuff).

well, the addiction doesn’t stop there.  i also find it difficult to resist purchasing items that have a coffee theme or coffee mug theme.  i totally judge a book (or paper or rubber stamp or anything else) by it’s cover.  then again, i am picky.  i don’t like the dainty tea cup looking things, i like the good, hearty, hip coffee mug designs….and even better, they are generally brown in color–(like a coffee bean)–i also enjoy

 as you can see by the picture above, i even scrap-booked my addiction.  i also enjoy picking up a few mugs here & there.  Starbucks, vacation spots, gifts from Disneyland, my cheerful yellow mom-mug, from Nick, or from Harry & David, (which is where my husband purchases his favorite “Moose Munch” coffee).  they cheer me up, just drinking from them!!  unfortunately my cupboards are starting to bulge with my ‘happy mugs’.

ok. i will finish this up with a quote from a book i bought with the same theme, “Espresso for a Woman’s Spirit; Encouraging Stories of Hope and Humor” by Pam Vredevelt.

  • “I have measured my life in coffee spoons.”  T.S. Eliot