so happy to see me

this is chewy. 

laying on top of my legs, as i relaxed on the couch,

after i had been at my retreat & gone for 24 hours…

he wasn’t letting me out of his sight.  

he was sooo happy to see me. 

pajama party

whew!  it’s been a craaaazy week of preparing all of the menu/food for the youth retreat this weekend. nick will be heading with the youth group to an all-weekend retreat and i will be heading to a girl’s get-away overnighter with some ladies of the church.  my hubby will be enjoying silence & time alone.  poor chewy will probably not be a happy camper without us. 

it’s one of those weekends when i am looking forward to monday.  that’s not good. 

hopefully we will all benefit & grow from the different activities. 

enjoy your weekend! 

been busy baking

saw this pic online…funny…i used to have this exact cookbook when i was young. 

i’ve been busy baking cookies for our youth retreat this weekend. 

last night was monster M&M/chocolate chip cookies and today was oatmeal raisin with sugar glaze icing. 


i love to bake, but i don’t like having the temptation of yummy sweet calories sitting around… 

tomorrow will be brownie bars & chocolate chip bars…  

the next day with be blueberry muffins & cinnamon streusel muffins! 

*of course i also enjoy the baking because this makes sure that all items are peanut-free for nick. 

no worries.  that’s a +plus+ 

now go bake something sweet for your family!  : )

lying {whisper a prayer}

“The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.”  Proverbs 12:22

  • Dear God, “Help                               to stand firm, with the belt of truth buckled securely around his waist and the breastplate of righteousness guarding his heart.” Amen  Ephesians 6:14
  • Dear God, “Let                             always be a truthful witness, no matter whether he is defending his faith or giving a report about something that he has seen or done.  Show him how much you detest lying lips, and cause him to see the extravagant delight that you take in him when he is truthful.” Amen  Proverbs 12:17, 22

-taken from Praying the Scriptures for Your Teenagersby Jodie Berndt


warm temps

this is a layout that i created on 

i haven’t played around on their site in a while.  i forgot how much fun it is!! 

it’s the only time that i mess around with any form of digital scrapbooking. 

the journaling reads:

“Temperatures in the 60’s today.  It was the first time that I finally feel ready for Spring.  Enough of Winter.  I opened teh back door and Chewy assumed his normal position…looking out back and keeping his eye on any neighborhood activity.” 

if you’ve never tried scrapblog, give it a try!! 

happy friday!! 

slug-bug altered gift box

my mom has a yellow VW, so when i saw this new paper, by paperloft, i new that she would love it! 

i used the paper and coordinating papers from the same ‘slugbug’ line to cover the gift box, inside and out.  

then placed her wrapped bday gifts in matching tissue & ribbon.   

i even made a notebook for her to keep in her car…and a bookmark…(she loves to read) 

for better instructions on how to cover a white gift box, you can refer to another post, from a month or so ago. 

that’s all for today!  hope your week is going well! 


the dark side

the dark side of monopoly. 

did you know there was a dark side? 

i see its evil side,



the 3 of us

try to play a nice, friendly game of


kevin kicks butt at monopoly.  (& enjoys his win) 

nick gets competitive and despises the fact that kevin is really good. 

i hate monopoly.  i never buy the right properties.  i save my money. 

so, i always lose.  BUT, i’m ok with that.  which sets me apart from those two. 

rarely do we even complete a full game, because someone gets mad and gives up….(generally, someone under the age of 15). 

so this is what i did in between taking my turn and being the banker.  i fiddled with my new camera and took pictures of the game board, (which also upset those under the age of 15). 

so, the game ended early.  of course. 

we are considering banning monopoly from our family game nights. 



you decide

Fiction and Reality collide
Faceless and so busted up inside
You’ve been searching you’ve been crying out,
Will you be destroyed by all your doubt 

You decide
Who will you run to
Wrong or right
There is no reason
For you to hide
Only love can change your life
Only love can change your life
You decide 

God is calling out to you again,
Let Him pull you, let Him take you in
From the fear that swallows up your life,
Will you stay the same or will you fight 

Every day you hold on to your lonely broken heart
It’s tearing you apart
God is calling out to you just let healing start
Will you open up and let Him in