i love blogging

i saw this over on a blog that i visit frequently, the green frog studio

i love blogging! 

i didn’t expect to like it as much as i do.  it’s quite addicting! 

it’s great to post scrappy creations, get inspiration from other blogs or blogger comments, keep in touch with others all over the world, encourage others & be encouraged BY others, and hopefully allow God’s love to shine through to those that stop by & read my blog. 

do you blog? 

or enjoy blog-hopping?  leave a comment! 

1 down / 15 to go

well, i survived the first class on monday. 


it’s supposed to be a beginner cycling class, although the teacher later told me that it was more than beginner. 


i knew that actual ‘spinning’ would be intense and too much.  that’s why i took the beginner class. 

but i thought, ok, i’m on the treadmill every night…i should be able to survive the 1st class at least….

oh. my. 

up, down, faster, slower, increase tension, left foot only, right foot only, 

push-ups while riding. 


the hardest part was standing up.  i had no idea that my thighs would hurt so much while riding! 

(although my body didn’t really ache too much the next day.) 

they say it gets better. 

8 weeks / 2 classes a week. 

i have to say, though, that i am really proud of myself for doing this. 

i have never had the courage to exercise infront of people.  never felt good enough.  never had enough self-esteem to walk into a class & be ok about it. 

i’m 39.  i finally conquered that! 

it was hard though.  i was so nervous!  but getting out of the car and taking that step through the door, was amazing! 

(may sound crazy or ridiculous to some of you….but we all have things that are out of our comfort zone…things that we may have considered, but something always held us back…..) 

so, 1 down, 15 more to go. 

(slightly worried about tonight….have a cold, hopefully some cold meds and i’ll survive class #2!) 


altered cookie tray: part 2

ok.  so here are both of the finished magnets. 

  • i simply layered some of my favorite flowers, vintage button and a small bird. 
  • i added a little quote at the bottom. 

this project kind of turned out different than how it started. 

i knew the basic color theme i was going for. 

but the bird-theme just kind of happened.  all of the tiny hand-cut birds are from my grandmother’s crafting stash.  i guess the project just kind of followed that direction…thinking of my grandma while i worked on it. 

  • the bird transparency on the top left corner (seen below), is from my embellishments.  it serves a 2-fold purpose.  1. i like it.  2. there is a slight bit of tray that shows through where i mis-cut the paper, so, this brown bird hides it.
below is the finished project! 

once an old-used Christmas cookie tray. 

now a magnet board!! 

what have you altered lately?


altered cookie tray: part 1

ok.  so, i cleaned out my pantry a month or so ago…and had an idea to alter this cookie tray. 

just using stash i already had on hand, it was rather easy. 

here are some instructions, (or at least, what worked for me):

  • find a tray, either from your current collection, or i’ve heard that the local Dollar Store carries them.
  • decide what color, theme, you want to go with.  with this particular tray, i decided to keep the edge color and match stuff to it, instead of covering it up. 
  • i didn’t even use a pencil.  i simply layed the paper against the back of the tray and ran my fingers along the edges of the tray, tracing a ‘groove’ in the paper, and that’s what i used as my guideline to cut.
  • lather on the modge podge and carefully place your cut out paper on the tray.  try not to let bubbles build below the paper.
  • next, i didn’t even wait for that to dry.  i slathered on the modge podge on top of the paper, taking it a little over the edges.
  • gather your embellishments or whatever you want to use on it.  i had a bunch that i thought might work, so i slowly went through them, until i thought i found what i wanted. 
  • ok.  so, mid-way i decided that i wanted to create my own magnets.  using some generic magnet that was on my fridge, i picked some flowers to layer.  using my Zip-Gry glue, which is awesome, i built my layered magnet, using 2 flowers, a button, and a cut out embellishment.
  • bellow is one of my finished magnets.  the bird was actually from my grandma’s craft stash.  (she was always very crafty…i think i get my passion for crafts, from her…..sadly, she passed away about 10 years ago…before i could really appreciate her).
ok. so that takes us mainly through the process. 

unfortunately, i just deleted all of my pix from my camera before they were transferred to my laptop. 


and, i need to leave shortly, for a girls’ night out…. 

so, i will have to retake the final pictures of my tray and post the 2nd half tomorrow! 


it begins today


so, it won’t be quite like that. 

but tonight, my sister-in-law & i have our first “spinning” class at the Y. 

i have never. 



taken a class at the Y,

(at-least not since i was about 4 & my mom had me taking gymnastics–which i fell off of the top parallel bar and landed on my stomach–knocked the wind out of me,  and also swimming–which i nearly drowned in the deep end, because they had me swim all the way across, before i was ready)  can you say traumatized?  lol. 

anyways, tonight is our first class. 

i’m excited, yet, horribly nervous. 

if i survive, i will tell you about it tomorrow!!! 

happy monday!

scrappy recap {sunday scrappin’}

  • totally-the-80s-upclose
    it’s been a scrappy week. 

    my sunday scrappin’:

    my to-da’s: 

    • (above) was a fun layout that i did this week.  i’ve had this picture sitting on my scrap-desk, begging to be scrapped.  the rainbow paper just screamed “80’s” to me.
    • (below), as posted here.  i love this layout!  it was a fun layout to do.  my best friend, always a joy to be around.  and of course, Starbucks!  all of the fun stickers & actual Starbucks items.  the layout just “worked”!  i love it when that happens.
    • also posted some older layouts this week, that i love looking back on. 

    my to-do’s: 

    • as usual, there are always cards to be made. 
    • projects waiting to be completed. 

    the challenge: 

    • i didn’t do the challenge this week, unless you include the circle Starbucks’ emblem.  lol.  it was my bday last sunday, so i forgot to check! 

    hope everyone’s weekend is going well. 

    still needing to clean my scrap-room, write/edit neighborhood newsletter, pay bills and catch up on laundry!  yikes!  when i would actually just like to snuggle down with my starbucks and sunday paper. 

    enjoy your day! 


venti-sized friendship

scrapped at the church crop today.  a little group i call “scrap-n-chat”. 

of course, it involved drinking a starbucks while we scrapped! 

i’ve been wanting to scrap this picture of lisa & i at starbucks. 

finally did. 

appropriate title:  “venti-sized friendship” 

(for those of you that don’t drink starbucks, gasp, a venti=large) 

looking forward to a great family weekend…hopefully….a relaxing weekend! 



baby steps


so, my hubby bought me a new camera for my bday. 

(he’s been nagging me to actually use it.) 

i’m weird. 

when i receive a  gift, especially something large or detailed, i wait. 

and wait. 

and wait. 

i don’t use it right away. 

i will.  but, in my own time.  when i’m comfortable.  when i’m ready.  and i don’t want “people” watching me use it for the first time, or telling me how to do it.  (ha)  (stubborn??  me??) 

i take baby steps. 

the first day, i watched one of the dvd’s that came with it.  (yes, i am one of THOSE people). 

the second day, i took stuff out of the boxes, looked at it all, and charged the battery. 

TODAY, i turned it on and took a picture.  lol. 


using the photo that i took of us on my bday, (with my phone),

i scrapped a layout today….. 

so, i thought it would be my first “subject”. 

the pictures are only taken on automatic.  i only adjusted the flash. 


baby steps. 

ok.  new topic. 

i love this tool! 

i bought my first “distresser tool” last night. 


as you can see on the layout, i used it alot!!!! 

another new tool, these wonderful tweezers. 

they work perfectly picking up these adorable little pearl embellishments. 

well, that’s all.  hopefully, as i figure out this camera, (in my own time), the quality will improve!! 

happy tuesday!