just stopping by to say hello! 

today is my 39th bday. 

never enough coffee!  this was a gift from my sister, laura… 

also received a huge amount of the best biscotti in the world, from my sister-in-law, jan….thanks, jan! you read my mind!!!! 

(many other nice gifts too, thanks everyone!) 

my hubby bought me a new camera.  it’s a bit overwhelming…lots to learn about it!!! 

hopefully i will be posting much better pix soon! 

if you own a similar camera and have any special tips~leave a comment! 


…just a coffee girl…

does she know me or what? 

i’m a coffee girl. 

i enjoy the little things in life & they make me very happy. 

a cup of coffee.  a cute mug.  chocolate & coffee candy–what more can a coffee girl ask for!?!? 

had lunch with my bestest friend, lisa, today. 

my bday is coming up on sunday and she brought me a goodie bag. 

i absolutely loved it!  look at it! 

she even scrapped the bag in a coffee theme!!!  she rocks!!! 

inside was filled with all sorts of my favorite things, 

B&B lotion, 

starbucks mints, 

A STARBUCKS MUG!!!!  “daily cup”  LOVE IT!!! 

flavored coffee from our local coffee shop, 

starbucks chocolate covered cappuccino biscotti, 

absolutely adorable love-themed scrapbooking flair!!! 



snail mail


i’m still here. 

kind of been in a blogging rut lately. 

i have been scrappin’ a little here & there over the last few days. 

finally had a chance to play with my new stamps from papertrey ink, (whom i love!!) 

this snail is so cute.  he’s from the forest friends set

hopefully i will get a few more done and i can post them later. 

happy monday!


february already

been a little busy. 

february already!   

17th anniversary yesterday. 

super bowl party yesterday, at our house. 

happy that the steelers won. 

back to daily blogging soon. 


family movie night….  

just watched wall-e. 

well, kevin & i watched it. 

nick is 14, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. 

if you have little ones, or if you are a little one @ heart, 

take some time, relax and watch this. 

it’s cut-e. 

(get it?)

things to come

exciting new things are ‘in the making’ for scrapsinbloom… 

this is a sneak peak at some new projects that i am currently working on. 

scrapsinbloom may be expanding their blooms a little!!! 

many more ideas floating around in my head…. 

just need to focus & discipline myself to keep on working at it! 

stay tune!!! 

braces {whisper a prayer}

braces {not what he wants} 

today, nick (my 14 yr. old son), gets his braces put on. 

to say the least, this is NOT what he wants. 

it’s hard to convince our children of things they “need” even though it’s not what they “want”. 

hard to convince them that they “will appreciate it later in life”. 

i remember when i got my braces put on.  i don’t remember hating it.  i just suffered through, like everyone else. 

knowing that today starts a process that will last at least a year, i pray he adjusts quickly & doesn’t feel self-conscious about them.  it’s hard enough being a teen, nowadays, let alone if you feel you stand out from the crowd. 

  • Dear God, “Bring your peace to Nick’s heart because a heart at peace gives life to the body.”  Amen  (Proverbs 14:30)

taken from – Praying the Scriptures for Your Teenagers

am i crazy?

what am i thinking? 

i am actually considering getting another puppy. 

am i crazy?? 

chewy, (our current bichon), he will be 9 in may. 

we love him and can’t imagine our home without him. 

yet, the thought of another puppy sounds kind of nice! 

but, what will chewy think?  will he see the new puppy as a friend or enemy?? 

will he feel unloved? 

will he be jealous? 

will he accept a new puppy into his house? 


i’m not sure. 

do i want to potty train another puppy? 

do i want TWO in my bed? 

2 to groom, 

2 to feed, 

2 to walk,

2 to take out, 

2 to keep healthy & immunized, 

2 to pull off of guests, 

(not to mention starting price of $500)…yikes…

but look at that adorable face!  (that’s just a pic from the web), but that’s what chewy looked like when we got him. 

too cute. 

have YOU had a dog for many years and then introduced a new puppy into the family? 

any advice? 

am i insane?