refocus & renew

i’ve been thinking a lot about something that ali edwards mentioned in her blog.

choosing a word for 2009. 

a word that sums up what you want for yourself this coming year. 

i thought this would be easy.  i thought a word would just jump out at me. 

but it didn’t.  i’ve been thinking about it…looking up words…scriptures etc…. 

i finally narrowed it down to two. 

refocus & renew

2008 was a year that i really focused on getting healthy.  losing weight.  exercising.  making healthy eating choices. 

but one thing that always got pushed to the bottom of my to-do list, was my quiet time wtih God. 

in 2009, i would like to refocus my energy and renewing my relationship with Christ. 

daily making the choice to create time to spend alone with him. 

of course these words can also be applied to other areas of my life also, but i really want my main focus to be on Him.  knowing that, when we put our eyes on Christ, everything else should fall into place. 

  • Psalm 51:10  “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”
  • Romans 12:2  “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”
  • Isaiah 40:31  “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

in order to encourage this change, i have found a few challenges that i am going to do. 

His Holy Name Challenge 2009 

Scripture Challenge 2009 (these 2 are done through}

LPM Scripture Memory Challenge 2009  (this is livingproofministries, which is beth moore, a fantastic Bible-study leader)

think about it. 

it’s more than just a resolution. 

what will be your focul point this year?? 




what the heck is this???    

our local college (B & N) starbucks is using these cup things….. 

something just isn’t right about tv advertisements on my beloved cup of caramel macchiato… 

a year counting

that’s me.  using the poor man’s plastic surgery.  ha ha ha.

can’t believe it, but it’s been a year that i have been counting calories. 

i use .  i love it! 

my original goal was to lose about 15 pounds….as of now, i have lost almost 30!!! 

it keeps me accountable. 

it is easy using an online journal.  i opt to pay the $5 a month for additional options. 

i never felt like i was ‘missing out’ on my favorite sweets or starbucks….i would just figure those calories into my daily allowance. 

i also walk on the treadmill, (while lifting weights)….i try to do it daily, but occasionally miss a day here or there, (especially during the holidays).  online, you can even account for the amount of time exercised and how many calories are burned during that time. 

that’s all. 

just thought i would mention it.  it worked for me and i enjoy it. 

if you’ve made a new year’s resolution to get healthy and maybe lose weight, give it a try! 


yes, i bought another one

ok.  ok. 

so, i have a slight problem with resisting those cute mugs at starbucks. 

i know. 

i know! 

my cupboard is already overflowing…mugs and glasses pressed against the cupboard door…

hoping not to fall out once someone opens the door. 

i know already!! 

but i did it. 

i couldn’t resist. 

it had been a mug that i had seen before the holidays.  loved it.  wanted it. 

so cute with names of the special holiday drinks printed on it. 

nice and bright and cheery with it’s red inside. 

today, my hubby & son took me out-of-town shopping and there i saw it. 

sitting in the basket on the floor. 

shouting “here i am!  over here!  i’m even on sale!!!!!” 

well, that’s all it took. 

i reached in. 

scooped it up. 

held it in my cold little hands while i waited in line,

so proud to place it on the counter. 

as if it had been waiting for me. 

(it could have been my caffeine-induced stupor….2 venti (that means large for those anti-starbuck people)  non-fat caramel macchiatos BOTH with an extra shot of espresso….but that’s beside the point….) 

(extra fun shopping day!  Christmas money to spend at Archivers & Target!!!! soooo dangerous!!!!) 

hope your saturday was as fun and caffiene-filled as mine was!!!! 


not as much

took down the tree tonight.  mainly by myself. 

of course. 

taking down the tree, 

as opposed to putting up the tree, 

is not as much fun 

or exciting… 

enjoy your weekend!!!


altered gift box

can’t believe it’s 2009!!  happy New Year! 

we enjoyed the night at home. 

our nephew came over and hung out with nick… a little rock band, a little “dark knight”, lots of snacks & computer time…hubby hung out with the boys. 

i got a lot done.  enjoyed alone time in the other end of the house… 

organized my 2008 bills & paperwork. 

ate yummies, like hot wings & monkey munch… 

(watched a marathon of dog the bounty hunter…shame on me, but i like that show!)

earlier today bought some after-Christmas clearance at walmart.  (love it!!!)

bought some of the typical white gift boxes–dirt cheap. 

got home and felt scrappy, so i decided to cover one of the boxes with some supplies i had on hand.  i had wanted to make an “after holiday de-stress gift” for a friend at church, so i thought this would be perfect. 

here’s how:

  • all you need is either the top pc. of the box or the bottom
  • find some coordinating patterened paper
  • trace sides of box, to place inside
  • line sheets of paper with adhesive and carefully place against inside firmly
  • do the same with the inside bottom
  • next comes the outside and bottom, which is done the same way also
  • lastly comes any kind of embellishments that you might want to add.  i kept it simple.  i ran some ribbon thru my sticker maker and wrapped it around.  added some bling and a sentiment.  that’s it! 
  • used some coordinating tissue to cushion the items inside
  • since the theme is “after holiday de-stress”, i bought her favorite body wash, some super lotion, foot cream, a shower puff and of course some chocolate–starbucks–even better!

hope that makes sense! 

it was really easy, but if you have questions, feel free to contact me! 

resolutions to consider

Today’s Christian Woman had a great article today, suggesting 5 Resolutions to Keep. 

  1. to reach someone who doesn’t know Christ
  2. to become a grateful person
  3. to spend more quality time with my spouse
  4. to say “no” to something!
  5. to pursue Christ with fresh vigor

i hope that your 2008 has been full of God’s love & grace and that next year will bring much of the same!

back 2 blogging soon

sorry i haven’t been blogging daily the last few days. 

but, just as you are probably also, i’ve been busy. 

whether it’s baking, going to get-togethers, picking up Christmas stuff, or whatever, 

just seems like at the end of the day, blogging gets pushed aside. 

this week’s goals:

  • i need to finish my december daily.  (i am a bit behind on that.)
  • must to get back to walking on the treadmill each night.  (haven’t felt well, and have been busy)
  • would like to take down all Christmas stuff.  (started this morning)
  • must catch up on all laundry & ironing that has been piling up, (no matter how many loads are done each day)
  • want to make thank you / Christmas / New Year cards.  (wayyy behind on that.)
  • desire to organize my scrapbooking space & make room for new stuff.  (always more productive when it’s cleaned…plus husband is happier)
  • continue to conquer kitchen/dining room.  (this morning cleaned out fridge, checking expiration dates and throwing away holiday leftovers)  (but i still need to re-organize the pantry) 
  • and refunds (mostly from normal stuff bought prior to Christmas….shoes that didn’t fit etc.
  • somehow enjoy the last week of Christmas break with my son
  • get squished.  (mammogram tomorrow with mom & sister) 

well, that pretty much sums it up. 

hope you are recuperating from the holiday craziness. 

of course, New Year’s is still on it’s way!!


best biscotti e.v.e.r.

oh my. 

this is the best biscotti i have e.v.e.r. tasted. 

my new sister-in-law gave it to me as part of my gift, in our secret santa exchange. 

she knows how i love coffee….  

boy, these are amazing!!!!!  

it’s like a big brownie with chocolate chips in it. 

reallllllly good!!!!!  

i am planning on begging her for the recipe.  soon. 

hope your Christmas was filled with family and friends and the blessings of Christmas.