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Scraps In Bloom – Page 26 – {just a girl with a blog}

i {heart} jack frost

this was the theme for my december daily today.  we had a light dusting of snowflakes this morning, that continued most of the day.  it was beautiful.  there are tiny little puppy pawprints in the snow…..i also had my favorite coffee this morning, at least for home-brewing, from a local coffee shop “Jack Frost Java”….so that went along with the theme too.

i will post my first 2 days of my december daily in this post.  i am trying to use flickr….scroll down to the bottom of the right hand sidebar….it should automatically update once i have uploaded my pictures to the website…..that way you can check it whenever you want and see all that i have posted of my december daily journal. 


hope that made sense.

i am really enjoying this project!  you should give it a try!!

sweet stuff

wanted to put out some candy canes today. 

wasn’t satisfied with my usual candy dish, so i grabbed an empty jelly jar and some scraps of Christmas paper, a gift tag and some ribbon….and ta-da!

today started my december daily.  check back tomorrow for 2 layouts. 

nick opened the first of his advent countdown calendar….such small little boxes, but i easily printed out a coupon for a $1 download of his choice (approved by me)…he loves to download Christian music or ipod applications on itunes. 

ran many errands today….starbucks in-hand…snowflakes were falling….Christmas music playing in the car  

i LOVE this time of year!!!


put up the tree tonight….i just loooove this time of year!

looking forward to starting my december daily tomorrow!  i will be posting pictures each day or two of the layouts. 

it’s the most wonderful time of the year….

day of gratitude

welcome to our table, sit down, eat and enjoy!  

i hope your Thanksgiving day was full of wonderful food & fellowship, family & friends!!! 

my side of the family, is very small.  i have one sister and no grandparents.  so my parents and sister always get together with us, then later in the day, we spend the afternoon and evening with my husband’s side of the family.  both in-laws are good friends, (our mom’s were best friends before we were married), so occasoinally, we celebrate together.  my husband’s side of the family is much larger.  he is one of four with many neices and nephews.
i absoluteyl looooove making the turkey.  i have a spice rub that i rub on it, along with an entire stick of butter.  then he is stuffed with delicious stuffing (m-i-l’s recipe)… is my hunky hubby carving the turkey. 
over at the Internet Cafe Devotions, they are celebrating the holidays in a lot of fun ways.  today’s theme is ‘day of gratitude’. 

things that i am very thankful for:

  • my salvation through Jesus Christ
  • my marriage
  • my husband and all that he stands for & his commitment to me and our family
  • my son, who is a gift from God above
  • the country that i live in
  • good friends and family, whom love the Lord
  • the Lord’s provisions in all areas.  not always giving us what we want, but always supplying what we need

on Thanksiving day, i usually watch the Macy’s parade, but today, i watched the Jon & Kate plus 8 marathon, along with a little bit of I Love Lucy.  of course, once the men got ahold of the remote, it was Fox News or football.   we played a few rounds of Catch Phrase, which we recently discovered, is a great game to play with all generations. 

happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving prep

hopefully your Thanksgiving preparations are going well, and not like this!  

i have a biscotti recipe that i am hoping to try out later today….and a homemade cracker recipe….both would be gifts…i hope they turn out!  need to clean house and print out some more ‘I am thankful for’ cards, to have everyone fill out on Thanksgiving day, for my Thanksgiving day album(journal)…  

this morning i woke up to a dusting of snow and tiny snowflakes!!!!!  finally!!  

it’s going to be a good day!

pay-it-forward challenge

i read about a great crafty challenge for bloggers over on katrina’s blog.  sounds like a great way to pass along a little kindness.  here’s your chance to ‘pay-it-forward’!!! who wants to play along????here’s how you play.

  • be the first 3 bloggers to leave a comment on this post, which then entitles you to a handmade item from me!!!
  • be willing to post this challenge on your blog, (meaning, that you will then ‘pay-it-forward’, creating a handmade gift for the first 3 bloggers that leave a comment on YOUR blog!!)

as far as i can tell, the gift can be any price range and you have 365 days to make/ship your item.

which means, you should be willing to maintain your blog at least until you receive your gift and have shipped your gifts.

you can read about it here and here also!  


are you up for the challenge???


12:02:43 on Wednesday

I have my 3 comments!  Stop by their blogs and play along there!  Thanks!!


december daily {sunday scrappin’}

here’s my post for sunday scrappin’.

my ta-da’s: advent calendar and the december daily that i’m going to post today

my to-do’s: christmas cards, and some encouragement cards, and a few gifts

my challenge for the next person, (as suggested on sunday scrappin’): scrap a picture from a past Christmas

ok. so, i’m finally finished with my day long project. 

i wanted to make a december daily, as suggested by ali on her blog.  basically, you create a page for the entire month of december.  then, each day of december, you take a photo(s), journal it and create a layout using the page you have already created.  it should help you save time during the hustle & bustle of the Christmas season. 

i am only going to post 8 pictures today, showing how i altered a 3-ring binder to use for it:

  • for starters, i found this cardboard binder on the clearance shelf for only 40 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • then, i cut Christmas-themed paper to fit the front and back.  i then adhered then onto the notebook.
  • after that, i did the same to the inside and the spine
  • then i cut 2 pieces of ribbon that would wrap around each side of the spine.  i ran them through my sticker maker, so that they would be good & sticky
  • the next picture is a chipboard word that i also ran through my sticker maker and adhered to the front of the album
  • finally, i proceeded to make a page for EACH day of december…..all 31 days! 
  • the next 2 photos are just a glance at the edges.  there are so many pages that i think i will blog them each day in december and you can see them, then.  31 pages took most of my afternoon & evening!!!! but, it was a lot of fun and it will be fun to fill it up all month long!