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Scraps In Bloom – Page 30 – {just a girl with a blog}

it’s here!

good monday!  

coffee, lunch, and shopping with lisa…  

coming home to find packages on my front porch!!!  

needless to say, i ripped them open, knowing what i would find inside!!!  

yippee!!!  my order from papertreyink and from ohmycrafts!

check out these new stamp sets:

i can’t wait to get started on my Christmas cards!! 

these stamps will come in so handy! 

i am planning on making my own gift tags also. 

hoping to make some additions to my etsy store using some of these new products also!  

i’ve been reorganizing my craft room (shhh.  don’t tell my hubby that’s what i called it….it’s really our “spare bedroom”….just happens to be filled with 85% scrapbooking stuff…..oh, and our treadmill and HIS weight-lifting bench)…..(WE “SHARE” the room……ha)  anyways, i’ve been totally reorganizing it, cleaning, dusting, the works.  hopefully, after a nice dinner out tonight, i will be able to come home and finish the room.  maybe i will post some pix later this week.

oh.  have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  i bought an ornament today….a gift for my son….shhh don’t tell him….i am hoping to keep it a secret until we put our tree up next month….it’s really cool and retro….will post pix of it eventually!  

funny face

i’ve recently come to realize, that i love movies from the 50’s and 60’s. 

right now, i am watching “funny face” for the first time.  cute.  simple.  (although, i prefer a little less singing.) 

i prefer movies in color, but if it’s a really good movie, lack of color doesn’t lessen the enjoyment. 

i guess i appreciate movies that have less offensive stuff….less language, less nudity…  

call me old fashion.


tonsils & traditions


i’m the only one in the house that still has mine.  other than chewy. 

ugh.  i don’t want to be sick.  

but it’s coming.  

you know that feeling?  when your head hurts, your tonsils (glands) hurt,  you start to feel achy?  

that’s me.  

that’s now.  


i did have a good saturday.  i made a blanket for someone’s bday.  (can’t say who, in case they read my blog) 

slept till noon, although i hadn’t planned on it.  

sorted through photos and supplies for a scrapbooking job i’m doing.  anxious to get started on that next week. 

had hoped that my order from papertreyink would arrive today, but it didn’t.  guess it will be here monday.  


on to traditions.

advent calendars. 

marking the beginning of december.  the big countdown to Christmas. 

(i’m not talking that actual “advent”, just the playful countdown till the 25th) 

i love the Christmas SEASON.  not just the 25th, but the entire time from thanksgiving to the 25th of december. 

i love the hustle & bustle.  i love the weather.  i love the shopping.  the planning.  the list-making.  the baking.  the music.  the decorations.  the snow.  the thinking of others.  secrets.  surprises.  anticipation. 

ALL of it.

so, ever since nick was little, we have always had a fun advent calendar for him to countdown the days.

whether it was the lego or playmobil ones, opening a small toy each day…leading up to the completed scene (toy) at the end of the countdown. 

or just a calendar with little doors to open and read, there was always something.  just for him.  

obviously, at age 14, legos & playmobils aren’t so cool. 

last year, we didn’t have any and it just seemed sad.  a small tradition that was missing from the season. 

so this year, when i saw this one, i thought it was perfect!  i could decorate it and fill it with things that are age appropriate.  just a little something to add excitement to each day in december.  AND it could be reused each year.  another added bonus.  ali edwards made an awesome one last year and posted it on her blog.   i love her idea also!  

well, all of this talk about the holiday season—i can’t wait!!!!

but enough for now.  i think i will go put some cozy jammies on and sink into bed. 

what’s one of your favorite traditions?  leave a comment! 

a tisket a tasket

a tisket a tasket.

here’s my huge basket!

i have been looking for something to keep my ever-growing marvy punch stash in. 

found this one today! 

50% off! 

love it! 

(except for the fact that i have already ordered a few more punches and my basket is over-flowing already!)

if you haven’t tried these punches yet, you should!  they are easy to use and the different sizes are perfect for any project!  you can purchase them many different places, of course, i would suggest my favorite online store, papertreyink!!!! 

gift bags {sunday scrappin’}

well, i finally got to finish up some of my gift bags for my etsy shop. i still have a bunch more to do.  so, hopefully i will be able to accomplish them this week. 

i have an orange bag to do, that would qualify for my sunday scrappin’ challenge, but i am heading to a birthday party for my niece after church, so i don’t know if it will get finished today or not. 

my sunday scrappin’ to-do’s:  more etsy items, cards and a scrapbooking job for someone

my sunday scrappin’ ta-da’s: my bags posted above!

enjoy your day!!!

the little things

i’m a simple kind of girl.  little things make me happy. 

like today, my hubby told me he would like to run to GFS and look around. 

(this is a big deal.  usually, we are like hobbits on saturdays….we stay at home….)  

so, of course, i jumped at the chance.  

we wondered around for about 10 minutes, left and ended up at starbucks. 

yippee!!!!!  me & hubby sippin some starbucks!!!!   life is good!  

and i happened to see a holiday martha stewart magazine, that caught my eye–   

so i even splurged on that!  ($7 for a magazine….when did that happen??) 

we also went to lowe’s and looked at the washer & dryers….sounds boring to you,  

but, like i said,

it’s the little things that make me happy.  

this is a good day.  

a really

good day.


oh and i’ve been busy working on stuff for my etsy shop….check back tomorrow and see the goodies!

freakish feet

ok.  that title should have warned you if you are squeamish!  

ya never realize how freakish your feet are, until you see them in a close-up picture.  


anyways, i was feeling young and hip and tried some cheap black nail polish.  


good thing it’s not summer….these toes are best kept “under wraps”  or socks. ha. 

hope you had a good friday!  

feeling very scrappy.  hope to get some projects done and post some of the results this weekend.  

working at updating my etsy shop.  excited about some new items….