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christmas card picture prep

 this is one of the first photos i took for our Christmas cards this year.  my son, (13), didn’t quite want to participate and pull himself away from playing videos games, but the dog was willing, (ok, so he didn’t have much choice, but we did manage to take a few pics before he pawed off his antlers.)  of course, the one we are going to use for the cards, they are both facing forward, but i thought this would work for the blog.

using grandma’s tea cups

 i’ve had these tea cups for a few years, hidden away in the cupboard, never really knowing what to do with them.  my grandmother loved tea.  often you would find a tea bag on the end-table beside her favorite chair or you would see her tea cup storing a used tea bag, saving it for the next cup.  the cups are so beautiful, i have always been afraid to use them for drinking, for fear that i might chip them or break them. while cleaning my bedroom this weekend, i realized that i could place my everyday jewelry in and around them–finally a way to bring them out from the cupboards!!   it’s a practical, yet girly way to remember my grandma every time i look at her tea cups.