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Scraps In Bloom – Page 40 – {just a girl with a blog}

love chocolate? try this

bought this book a year or two ago and thought i would go through it again. 

“Rich Encouragement to Sweeten Your Day: Faith-Dipped Chocolate”  by Louise Bergmann DuMont  

each chapter is a quick devotional.  nothing too deep, but just quick reminders of what’s important.  

here’s a verse that i needed reminded of:

  • “Now concerning love of the brothers and sisters, you do not need to have anyone write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to love one another; and indeed you do…But we urge you, beloved, to do so more and more, to aspire to live quietly, to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we directed you, so that you may behave properly toward outsiders.”   I Thessalonians 4:9-12


  • the book also includes Fun Facts, such as:  “The white film that appears on chocolate after exposure to different temperatures won’t affect the taste or the quality of the chocolate.”  here’s another Fun Fact:  Chocolate syrup was used for blood in the famous forty-five-second shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s black-and-white thriller Psycho.  The scene actually took seven days to shoot.”

  • also includes Cocoa Quotes: “There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate.”  –Linda Grayson


  • some chapters even include Recipes to Relish.  recipes such as; Viennese Coffee,  Mocha Blast Shake,  Cheater’s Chocolate Sundae  and more!

whisper a prayer

Dear Lord,

Make me mindful of my words.  This world can be a difficult place, and many of Your children are discouraged and afraid.  Make me a powerful source of encouragement to those in need, and let my words and deeds be worthy of Your Son, the One who gives me courage and strength, this day and for all eternity.


Hebrews 3:13

  • “But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today”, so that none of you will be hardened by the deceifulness of sin.”

Ephesians 4:29

  • “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

(taken from: “Prayers of a Godly Woman: Second Edition“)

beautiful bistro

forgot to post these pictures a few weeks ago.  we went to a beautiful Bistro to celebrate my parents’ anniversary.   

this is the ceiling…quite beautiful

this is just a shot from our table looking towards the front of the restaurant.   looks quite sunny at the time.  by the time we finished our meal, it was a rainy-yucky-downpour.  
this is just a close-up of part of the front window…  
just a shot of our water goblet.
as we were leaving, we realized that the entrance had lights underneath the floor….somehow we missed that on the way in….my toes and nick’s shoes….   that’s all.    just wanted to share the pictures. 

it was a beautiful evening, the atmosphere is wonderful and the food was quite tasty.  

enjoy your weekend!

whoooo am i? {part 1}

ok. so, i knew i wanted to do some scrappin with this new owl paper.     

i knew i wanted to do something different, but i wasn’t sure what.     

so, i just let the creativity lead me…   

i decided to go with the question, “whooo am i?”     do you feel that way too?   

there are soooo many roles that we play, that sometimes i’m not sure which “hat” i am currently wearing.

i used some new birds that i had bought yesterday.   because they are embossed, i simply rubbed an inked cotton acrossed them, to accent the color. 
i wanted to use many layers.   wanted it to be very detailed with embellishments.   

i used some felt adhesive leaves, some flowers…ribbon, wood pcs…foam glue dots…

the scalloped yellow paper that i used as the background, i cut the corners off and added them at the bottom.   for extra bling, i used my glitter pens to add detail to the items.


the painting of “who”, at the top, isn’t perfect, but neither am i.  so that’s the layout so far. 

it’s not finished. 

i still need to answer the question, 

Whooo am I?

scraps of this & that

here’s another tin…just to show you that any color theme works!   not much supplies needed, (other than the candy & tin, you probably can make this from scraps you already have!). 

  • tin $2 available here
  • 1 or 2 sheets of paper, not even a full 12 x 12 sheet required to cover tin & candies (more if making a gift tag)
  • ribbon (enough to go around the tin once)  more, if you want to attach a gift tag
  • optional embellishments for top, such as flowers, rub-ons etc
  • Hershey nuggets (only 12 fit in the tin)

they are sooooo quick & easy, yet look impressive.


same tin, (just different lighting).   LOVE these owls!

whisper a prayer

Dear Lord,

You have given me so many reasons to celebrate.  Today, let me choose an attitude of cheerfulness.  Let me be a joyful Christian, Lord, quick to smile and slow to anger.  And, let me share Your goodness with all whom I meet so that Your love might shine in me and through me.


“The cheerful heart has a continual feast.”  Proverbs 15:15

( taken from Prayers of a Godly Woman: Second Edition)

wonderful weekend

i had such a wonderful mother’s day weekend, that i wanted to scrap-it first thing this morning.  (the picture is somewhat blurred out….but it is taken by-way-of the rear view mirror…during our road trip saturday).  (the paper, phrase tags, fabric tape and stickers all came from target–couldn’t wait to get them home and use them!)

  • my weekend started out on friday evening…my son came home from school and gave me a card and poem he had written for me….LOVE IT!  (see that post here)

  • saturday morning started out superbly when i stepped onto the scale and had lost another pound!  finally, i reached my first goal of losing 17 lbs.!!!
  • my guys (hubby & son) took me out of town shopping allllll day saturday!  i got to make all of the decisions…where to eat (chili’s & pizza hut), where to shop (especially archivers & target…) 2 stops at starbucks…..need i say more???  it was FANTASTIC!  and the weather was beautiful!!
  • oh, and my hubby, (who spoils me), bought me a beautiful outfit (skirt/shirt/shoes) from Ann Taylor Loft!!! Thanks honey!!!

  • sunday came and we were exhausted, (which unfortunately means we overslept and missed church)…so, i relaxed in my pj’s most of the day….watching I Love Lucy, Little People marathon, Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon, the First 48…….once again, i got to have my choice of lunch and supper!  and i even had time to scrap & browse blogs!!!
  • oh and did i mention, they got me a Cookie Bouquet from Cookies by Design!  my absolute favorite gift!!!  i gobbled up one cookie (eeks, 400 calories)(extra hard workout on the treadmill made me feel better less guilty) and i still have 2 more cookies to enjoy.

whew!  whatta weekend!  i really appreciate all of the effort that went in to giving this mom a wonderful weekend.  i hope all of you moms had a super mother’s day too.Thanks guys!  love you!

happy mother’s day

my son wrote a poem for me, for mother’s day.   

i loved it so much, i thought i would share it!



Eating Macaroni and Cheese,

Watching TV,

All the hugs and kisses,

Reading Books,



Taking care of me,

Playing board games,


Traveling to different cities,


Teaching me things,

Taking me to church,

Holiday celebrations,

Loving Me.


Thank you for the great memories!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Nick

had a chance to scrap some more. 

i made 2 more altered tins….as mother’s day gifts. 

they are so fun to make!

any color/theme that you want! 

it looks great!!!

bought this paper pack yesterday at Target.  

llooooove it!!!

added some gift cards for a little bonus!
Sunday Scrappin’ Sunday Scrappin

  • To-do’s: scrap, scrap, scrap…cards, layouts etc
  • Ta-da’s: my altered tins
  • Bonus Question:  Did I make anything special for Mother’s Day?  yes, the tins