snow day


snow day!  life is good! (recognize this movie scene?)

other than relaxing & sipping coffee, i do have some stuff to accomplish at home today,  hopefully even some time for scrapping!

enjoy your day!

James 1:17:
17 Every good and perfect gift is from God. It comes down from the Father. He created the heavenly lights. He does not change like shadows that move. 

sweet deal

happened to be wandering through Walmart today….(which i enjoy doing….even had my non-fat caramel macchiato to sip while i shopped)….anyways, stumbled across the Valentine stuff that was now 75% off!  found this set which included a Starbucks mug, 2 packs of hot cocoa, mini-marshmallows, and they were all inside 2 adorable boxes.

and i only paid around $2.50!!!!!!

whatta sweet deal.

a simpler time

i guess i just watching shows from a simpler time.

you didn’t cringe every time your child walked in, for fear some bad language might be shouted out,

or an unexpected image would appear…

when shows could be watched as a family.

can’t say enough

ok.  i can not say enough good things about PAPERTREYink.  i have such high regards for the standards that they appear to put into their company.  from nichole’s blog, (which is inspiring), to beautiful detailed instructions and amazing product ideas–like this “Just Hatched” stamp series and “Egg Box”–(i ordered both!!!!)–to their quick shipping and extra care to make sure that the items are packaged well & arrive safely.

check out their site!  you can feel comfortable knowing that you are purchasing quality products!!!

happy friday! 

big dreams

do you have life dreams?  things that you dream of accomplishing?  places to travel to?  things to do? 

what does it mean if you don’t?

is it fear?

fear of being disappointed?

fear of looking foolish?

is it being realistic?

you know those things won’t happen, so why bother?

is it contentment?

you’re content with your current life/lifestyle, so there’s no need to dream big?

is it laziness?

big dreams = extra work = time & effort

is it lack of discipline?

big dreams will take too long to accomplish?

no patience to endure the process?

are there grander dreams to be had by all, each out there with our names on them, given by God, but only those that have the faith to step out will achieve them? 

why is it some people rush through life chasing one dream after another, while others remain still?

do you have big dreams?

rockstar layout

went to a scrapbooking crop on saturday.  had a lot of fun.  thanks stef for inviting me!!  took along lisa & jan also.  i think we all enjoyed getting away from the house (a.k.a. family)  and spending a few hours scrapping & chatting.  here’s a layout that i did from the concert that we went to last week.   got to use my new “RockStar” paper that my hubby bought me for my birthday!!  thanks hun!!