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vintage finds & a good netflix

watched a cute movie today….penelope…..cute little love story. 

spur-of-the-momently went to a antique flea market, (huge place)…didn’t even make it through the entire place before they closed. 

below are my 3 ‘finds’. 

  • vintage jar of buttons. 
  • vintage used postcard of port clinton, which i will use on my layout of our trip to Lakeside.  
  • vintage printer’s drawer, which i will try to create a wall-hanging project, like ali edwards did.

also ate a yummy meal at Max & Erma’s.

over-all good day.  thanks, hubby.  wink wink

a little bit of this & that

went to a birthday party for my sister this evening….had a great time.  while we enjoyed the beautiful sunset, i messed around with some silly self-portraits.  (sadly, i never even knew that my phone camera took black & white photos.  my 14 year old had to show me.)  i practically look cross-eyed in the second one.
i also had a few quick minutes to scrap today.  made a bday card to for my sister.  i used my new stamps from papertrey ink…..   

so this is all i have to offer for my Sunday Scrappin

  • my ta-da’s (the hooty bday card)
  • my to-do’s (3 cards and a few family layouts)
  • last week’s challenge: use something fruity….haven’t tried that yet

can’t wait to play!

suddenly awoke to the mailman knocking on my door—good day!  my papertrey ink package arrived!  this month’s new release, (every 15th of the month), came today!  OWLS!!!!!!!  i bought the owls!   i love owls!  these are particularly adorable because you build your own owl!  and lots of cute sayings come with.  once again, PTI continues with their great quality!!!! 

i can’t wait to play with my new stamps!!!!!


yesterday, we had a really nice day.  we travelled to toledo for a birthday party.  my nephew and son were born only hours apart.  they both are celebrating their 14th birthday this week, so we went to celebrate with family.  the day was beautiful.  perfect weather.  we had a really nice time.  (even squeezed in a trip to starbucks on the way home.)

last night, while my hubby & i relaxed and watched “Vantage Point”, i enjoyed some scrappy time!  (by the way–i loved vantage point.  i knew i would.)

i just LOVE papertrey ink.  i have posted about them many times.  i have never been disappointed.  their products are amazing, the quality is fantastic.  even the care that they take in shipping is great. 

these cards were made using last month’s release:  Birds of a Feather

i love using the Marvy Punches.  they add great detail, very easily.  (you can buy these at papertrey ink also.)
this stamp even has a wing that can be stamped separately, to add more detail.
well, that sums up my day yesterday.  i hope you had a great weekend & found time for yourself….maybe you scrapped too!  if so, leave a comment!

sorry, mcdonald’s, i tried

i’m sorry, mcdonald’s.   i tried to like them.  really, i did.   

i even went in.  armed with my nutrition facts.  ready to experience a new mcdonald’s coffee.   

but, ugh.  it was no starbucks.

my vote: 

  • mcdonald’s iced non-fat mocha: tolerable, but over 200 calories.
  • mcdonald’s iced non-fat, sugar-free latte:  disgusting.  one sip & straight to the garbage.  whatta waste.

my one-true love: still starbucks, even for $4 drinks.

have you tried a McCafe Coffee?  leave a comment and let me know what you thought!!!

fruity tuity treat

hello.   i hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July weekend!  ours has been totally enjoyable and relaxing!!!!   

a little visiting, eating, bike-riding, sunning, floating, reading, blog-surfing, and much of nothing!   fantastic!  

i thought i would share an easy fruity treat, that looks good too! 

Fruit Shish kabobs

  • i simply bought this “tub” or “bucket” at Meijer…on sale for $1.50…in the special summer plastic-ware section
  • bought fresh fruit: watermelon, grapes, pineapple–(my favorite), blueberries & strawberries
  • cut the watermelon into small slices and placed them into the bottom of the tub
  • cut asst. fruit into bite-size chunks
  • placed cut fruit on wood kabob sticks
  • stand the sticks up in bucket, sticking the end of the sticks in the watermelon for support and height

that’s it!  just a reminder of an easy healthy snack or side-dish.  in this bucket, it makes for an easy picnic or bbq treat!  (you could easily put ice in the bottom instead of watermelon.)   served with yogurt dip is tasty also!   

enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

good monday

whew.  whatta good day.  no rain.  favorite lunch.    went out of town shopping with nick.   

favorite drink…starbucks…$4  

favorite out-of-town dinner…chili’s…$25…  

favorite scrapbook store….archiver’s…$37…    

favorite store…target…$150…     

spending time with my teenage son…priceless…     

good day.   how was yours?

new flocking technique {good scrappiness}

ok.  so, i had bought the cute little bottles of ‘flocking’ a week or two ago and had yet to try them.  was at the scrapbook store, and found these new double-sided adhesive stickers to use with the flocking or glitter.
i was a bit nervous, but soon was thrilled with how easy it was!

  • simply adhere the stickers, (i chose letters), to your paper
  • pour on some of the flocking, (i poured on a lot)
  • using your finger, rub in a circular motion, over the stickers
  • shake off excessive flocking material, (you can shake it onto another piece of paper, that way it is easy to dump back into the bottle)
  • and there you go! 
the pictures don’t do it justice.   it’s amazing how easy it was and whatta great fuzzy, 3-D effect!!!   give it a try! enjoy your weekend!