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what the heck is this???    

our local college (B & N) starbucks is using these cup things….. 

something just isn’t right about tv advertisements on my beloved cup of caramel macchiato… 

yes, i bought another one

ok.  ok. 

so, i have a slight problem with resisting those cute mugs at starbucks. 

i know. 

i know! 

my cupboard is already overflowing…mugs and glasses pressed against the cupboard door…

hoping not to fall out once someone opens the door. 

i know already!! 

but i did it. 

i couldn’t resist. 

it had been a mug that i had seen before the holidays.  loved it.  wanted it. 

so cute with names of the special holiday drinks printed on it. 

nice and bright and cheery with it’s red inside. 

today, my hubby & son took me out-of-town shopping and there i saw it. 

sitting in the basket on the floor. 

shouting “here i am!  over here!  i’m even on sale!!!!!” 

well, that’s all it took. 

i reached in. 

scooped it up. 

held it in my cold little hands while i waited in line,

so proud to place it on the counter. 

as if it had been waiting for me. 

(it could have been my caffeine-induced stupor….2 venti (that means large for those anti-starbuck people)  non-fat caramel macchiatos BOTH with an extra shot of espresso….but that’s beside the point….) 

(extra fun shopping day!  Christmas money to spend at Archivers & Target!!!! soooo dangerous!!!!) 

hope your saturday was as fun and caffiene-filled as mine was!!!! 


best biscotti e.v.e.r.

oh my. 

this is the best biscotti i have e.v.e.r. tasted. 

my new sister-in-law gave it to me as part of my gift, in our secret santa exchange. 

she knows how i love coffee….  

boy, these are amazing!!!!!  

it’s like a big brownie with chocolate chips in it. 

reallllllly good!!!!!  

i am planning on begging her for the recipe.  soon. 

hope your Christmas was filled with family and friends and the blessings of Christmas.

big day

big day.  

my hubby is home from chicago!!  (yippee)  he was there on business and we missed him greatly! 

he is aware of my love for starbucks and brought me back some goodies.  he even went to a ralph lauren outlet store and picked out a shirt for me there.  he is a good hubby.

it is sooooo good to have him back home. 

big day for another reason.  my son, wore a tie, dress shirt, dress pants—“the works” tonight for the first time.  yes, he’s obviously dressed up before, (khakis, nice shirt), but we’re talking a tie/pants/shoes/shirt all from the men’s department.  he looks so grown up!  he had a “winter concert” for band tonight.  he is a percussionist.  i was quite proud of him.  he’s really becoming a young gentleman.  hard to believe he’s 14…he’ll be driving next year.  time flies. 

God has reminded me this week what a blessing my family is to me.  they are a true gift from God and i thank Him for them.

i {heart} jack frost

this was the theme for my december daily today.  we had a light dusting of snowflakes this morning, that continued most of the day.  it was beautiful.  there are tiny little puppy pawprints in the snow…..i also had my favorite coffee this morning, at least for home-brewing, from a local coffee shop “Jack Frost Java”….so that went along with the theme too.

i will post my first 2 days of my december daily in this post.  i am trying to use flickr….scroll down to the bottom of the right hand sidebar….it should automatically update once i have uploaded my pictures to the website…..that way you can check it whenever you want and see all that i have posted of my december daily journal. 


hope that made sense.

i am really enjoying this project!  you should give it a try!!

perk up!

took a few minutes this morning to create this card, it’s to “perk up” someone i know…hoping to be an encouragement to them, praying God uses me to show them His love…  

i should have taken the pictures with my camera instead of my phone, but it’s just too darn easy to snap a quick pic with the camera, send it to my email and post it– 

instead of getting out the camera, cord etc.  so, forgive the poor lighting…  


i made the background using an assortment of stamps in different ink colors. 

from another set, i used the cute little tea pot and the quote on the inside of the card. 


hope your day is great and that maybe you take a few minutes to be an encouragement to someone around YOU that needs it.

  • “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”  1 Thessalonians 5:11