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the little things

i’m a simple kind of girl.  little things make me happy. 

like today, my hubby told me he would like to run to GFS and look around. 

(this is a big deal.  usually, we are like hobbits on saturdays….we stay at home….)  

so, of course, i jumped at the chance.  

we wondered around for about 10 minutes, left and ended up at starbucks. 

yippee!!!!!  me & hubby sippin some starbucks!!!!   life is good!  

and i happened to see a holiday martha stewart magazine, that caught my eye–   

so i even splurged on that!  ($7 for a magazine….when did that happen??) 

we also went to lowe’s and looked at the washer & dryers….sounds boring to you,  

but, like i said,

it’s the little things that make me happy.  

this is a good day.  

a really

good day.


oh and i’ve been busy working on stuff for my etsy shop….check back tomorrow and see the goodies!

my mini

spent last night have soooo much fun putting this mini album together. i made it for my BF lisa.  she is my coffee-buddy.  i knew she would totally “get” the theme of this album.  

i used all sorts of papers, rub-ons, stickers, stamps, ribbon, and starbucks stuff. 

i filled it with pix of us at starbucks, and a pic of our starbucks cups.  

also added coffee quotes and Bible verses about friendship.

these are just a few of the pictures. 

visit my SIS site to see the rest!

dear starbucks,

dear starbucks,   

i knew we already had a special relationship, you & me,   

the daily visits, the longing, the desire, the addiction…  

you already had me in your little pocket and then…  

you sent me a card for a free breakfast.   

and how did you know?  

it was only yesterday that i mentioned your oatmeal-yumminess to my hubby,  

& saw your picture on the web.   thought you looked delicious.  

i can’t wait to give it a try.  

thank you sweet starbucks,

me, {sweetly addicted to you}