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green goodness {sunday scrappin}

made a trip to our new starbucks today.  not the first time i’ve been there, but the first time on a sunday….happened to be wearing a new green sweater that inspired me to make this layout! 

used my huge starbucks sticker, coffee tag stickers, starbucks cup cardboard cozy, starbucks bag, starbucks bookmark, favorite green ribbons, favorite coffee themed paper and new green vinyl thicker stickers!!!  green goodness!!!!

just love how the green matches the sweater! 
love those new green vinyl thicker stickers.  even included a starbucks receipt tucked into the top.
so, that’s my ta-da so far for Sunday Scrappin…not sure if the ‘folding’ that i did of the gift bag, will count for my S.S. challenge.

my to-do’s: many many cards to catch up on…hopefully later tonight, while the hubby & i watch a movie together.

hope you are enjoying your sunday!

oh lisa!

met my dear friend, lisa, for lunch today and received this from her!  she had read my blog and knew how i love starbucks mugs and bought it for me.  thanks lisa!  whatta nice surprise!!!!!

  • “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls for he has no one to help him up.”
    Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 New King James Version

picture-free wednesday.ha

ok. so normally, it’s ‘wordless wednesday’….but because i can’t find an image to use, only a link, i called it picture-free wednesday.  anyways.

i want this one.  i saw it in starbucks yesterday, and am some day, going to get it…..(just what i need, another starbucks mug.)  but, i can’t resist.  i love the brown and blue together. 


yesterday, we had a really nice day.  we travelled to toledo for a birthday party.  my nephew and son were born only hours apart.  they both are celebrating their 14th birthday this week, so we went to celebrate with family.  the day was beautiful.  perfect weather.  we had a really nice time.  (even squeezed in a trip to starbucks on the way home.)

last night, while my hubby & i relaxed and watched “Vantage Point”, i enjoyed some scrappy time!  (by the way–i loved vantage point.  i knew i would.)

i just LOVE papertrey ink.  i have posted about them many times.  i have never been disappointed.  their products are amazing, the quality is fantastic.  even the care that they take in shipping is great. 

these cards were made using last month’s release:  Birds of a Feather

i love using the Marvy Punches.  they add great detail, very easily.  (you can buy these at papertrey ink also.)
this stamp even has a wing that can be stamped separately, to add more detail.
well, that sums up my day yesterday.  i hope you had a great weekend & found time for yourself….maybe you scrapped too!  if so, leave a comment!

sorry, mcdonald’s, i tried

i’m sorry, mcdonald’s.   i tried to like them.  really, i did.   

i even went in.  armed with my nutrition facts.  ready to experience a new mcdonald’s coffee.   

but, ugh.  it was no starbucks.

my vote: 

  • mcdonald’s iced non-fat mocha: tolerable, but over 200 calories.
  • mcdonald’s iced non-fat, sugar-free latte:  disgusting.  one sip & straight to the garbage.  whatta waste.

my one-true love: still starbucks, even for $4 drinks.

have you tried a McCafe Coffee?  leave a comment and let me know what you thought!!!

good monday

whew.  whatta good day.  no rain.  favorite lunch.    went out of town shopping with nick.   

favorite drink…starbucks…$4  

favorite out-of-town dinner…chili’s…$25…  

favorite scrapbook store….archiver’s…$37…    

favorite store…target…$150…     

spending time with my teenage son…priceless…     

good day.   how was yours?

cedar point trip: part 3: saving the best for last

(ok. still dealing with uploading photo problems….)  part 3 of CP pix.  last post about CP.  won’t bore you much longer. 


it made my day.  lousy, expensive, amusement park food, but ahhh there was starbucks.

totally surprised!  not even listed on their website or there map…..(?@?!?@ why do they not list it!?!?  are they crazy?)

a caramel macchiato in the morning and another one in the evening!  yum!  (in fact it was the main source of my nutrition for the day.) ha

ONLY bad part, they didn’t have frappuccinos, (sorry hubby), and the employees WERE MEAN!  not just rude.  not just a bad moment.  MEAN.  continually.  to everyone, including each other.

hope your weekend went well.

rained most of the afternoon/evening during our pool party, but it was still a good time visiting with family….splurging on yummy food, watching adults play Wii, and little ones try to race on Burnout Paradise.  some managed to swim before the rain set in…..and hubby grilled delicious chicken before the storms. 

good weekend?  leave a comment!


oh yaaaa–that’s my favorite!

just a quick note.  (can’t post my other pix of CPoint yet, camera still isn’t uploading…maybe tomorrow)….  these are delicious! i LOOOOOVE peanut butter and chocolate. 

unfortunately, my son has a severe peanut allergy….so, rarely do i eat PB…….he can’t touch it or eat it, so we usually don’t keep anything with peanuts in the house.

i don’t mind giving up my PB for him.  it’s a way of life for us.  has been, since we found out, when he was around 12 months old.

we have discovered this yummy alternative.   I.M.Healthy Soy Nut Butter. even comes in chunky!  

if i’m at home, i eat it everyday for lunch.  my family knows it as “my favorite bagel meal”.  which consists of a bagel with SNButter and locally made blueberry jam….and a cup of coffee….438 calories….for the whole meal…..  ooohh yyaaaa.  it’s fantastic!

go ahead. admit it.  what is your favorite thing to eat for lunch when you’re enjoying the comforts of home??