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what’s not to love?!

 starbucks-in-target.jpg what’s not to love about this?   starbucks in target.   

2 of my all-time fav’s together…. 

caffeine and wondering the aisles of target. 

what’s NOT to love about THAT?!?!?! 

hoping to visit one sometime this weekend. 

we don’t have one locally, but there’s one about an hour away that i love to visit!!!!! 

happy friday!! 

oh ya. 

my friend, stef, started a blog.  check her out! 

just a glance

 ditl-blog-use.gif ok.  today i brought my camera with me and i took a bunch of pictures to use in scrapbooking:  “a day in the life of {just me}”.    these are just a glance at a few of them.

  • this is me, getting my coat on and checking the mirror by the front door, ready to go run errands…
  • obviously, a pic of my car keys.  i enjoy driving, especially with a starbucks in my cup holder and the radio set to my favorite Christian radio channel.  as a stay-at-home mom, i do a lot of driving…whether it be running errands, meeting a friend, picking up my son from school, going to Bible Study, shopping, or meeting my hubby for lunch…
  • a sign i love to see….knowing i am on campus and about to be sipping my drink of choice!  yum!  good morning, starbucks!
  • this is a ‘look’ i often get from our dog, chewy….he’s waiting patiently with his leash on, ready to go out.  (somehow, this is mainly my job)  so, i am sure that this process happens maaannny times during the typical day…..good thing he’s so cute!
  • my absolute favorite household chore–laundry!  really!  i do love it!  i love the smell of clean laundry, the empty hamper, the clean piles of folded laundry.  i love everything about it.  this is my favorite detergent and my favorite fabric softener.
  • my reflection in my laptop, doing what i enjoy…..checking my blog, browsing other blogs, reading my email and entering what i’ve eaten in my food/calorie journal, while curled up under our favorite Steelers blanket.

well, that’s just a glance of my daily life.  (as boring to you as it may seem, i am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, no matter how monotonous the day may be.)

i need to finish documenting the remainder of my day, print my pictures, and scrap!  i will post the finished project in a day or two.

coffee love {journal part 4}

 starbucks-journal-001.gif had to sub at the school on monday, so i didn’t have much time to scrap…. of course, with this album, the pages are soo easy and quick, i threw together this page in only a few minutes.
 starbucks-journal-002.gif used one of the new chipboard shapes that i got on sale the other day.  used my sticker maker and made it really easy to adhere to the page.
 starbucks-journal-003.gif used a starbucks cardboard cup cozy for this layout.  that’s all.

just a quick easy layout.

as you can see, i’ve been stuck on the coffee theme.

maybe tomorrow i’ll move onto another topic.

happy scrappin!

java queen {journal part 3: sunday scrappin}

Sunday Scrappin’ 
ta-da’s: this journal has been my current project.  my blog, this past week contains many ta-da’s that are all a part of’s: continue to work on my journal, also some thank you cards and cards of encouragement.

Sunday Scrappin’ Question: How long could I scrap without purchasing new products?  Without WANTING to purchase?  never…always something new…  How long COULD i go, using what i already own? a looooong time. 

got to use some of my new stamps & stickers for both of these layouts.
this is one of my favorite stamp sayings.  the drops & coffee rings on this paper, i actually made with real coffee.
love this vintage-looking girl!!  {java queen}  just got this set of stamps this week.  it came with a bunch of coffee & tea pictures and sayings.
for more dynamics and emphasis on her, i stamped her again on another sheet of paper and used adhesive foam squares to raise the image a little.
again, i love doing pages for my journal!  this size is alot of fun.  you can be as creative as you want, yet, it’s not a huge 12 x 12 sheet, so it’s alot faster.   try it!